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What is LeviarCoin?

Is an anonymous, secure and decentralized crypto currency and DRM over blockchain system, based on CryptoNote.

LeviarCoin Goals

  • Create a currency that can be easily traded or used as in-app/software currency.
  • Build a protection library to inhibit frauds in online applications and games.
  • Embrace open-source philosophy by releasing all source code of software, libraries and contributing with patches.

LeviarCoin Features

Integration API

LeviarCoin daemon and DRMoB system communication is achieved by sending and receiving encrypted commands

Anti-Fraud/Cheat System and DRMoB

Is an anti-tamper technology and Digital Rights Management over Blockchain (DRMoB) scheme.
As well as to protect software integrity, is designed to prevent players of online games from gaining unfair advantage through the use of third-party tools.

LeviarCoin Crowdfunding

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