Maintaining of liquidity for LVL tokens issued by LevelNet

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Is an original feature that benefits and protects LevelNet investors.

Our hard cap is $ 55M and soft cap $1.5M in a crypto currency equivalent, including all discounts and bonuses. And it is important to say that this amount is divided into several funds, which are aimed at maintaining liquidity. For example, part of the collected funds goes to the Buyback Fund, which can be up to 40% of all collected funds, depending on the number of tokens sold during the period token crowdsale. This fund is regulated and provided with a smart contract, the purpose of which is to regularly and automatically buy back tokens from crypto currency exchanges by creating a market order. The hard cap was chosen not accidentally. when it is reached, another development and implementation fund will be formed in the amount of 35% of the total amount of attraction, and this will allow to implement the development, implementation and marketing strategy for 2 years.



To date, we see the situation: Projects collected money from investors. Most investors need quick profits (with quick exit strategies) due to speculative deals with tokens. Tokens after listing on stock exchanges are falling in price, as there is no product, no news, no volatility. Investors are upset and lose faith in the project and ICO. The projects did not think about liquidity at the beginning of the creation of the ICO and did not answer the main question: Why the token will grow in value until the project develops.

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