Ripple (XRP) Back on Track

Congrats to those who invested in XRP and held it as it is time for the ripple boom. After a long deep dip, it is starting the retracement now.

Have a look at below mentioned chart.

XRP/BTC Chart:

MACD and moving average both showing an uptrend now so as the buying volume. It may be a time for investment as well but make sure to make your own decisions after research work. I will not be responsible for anyone's loss or wrong decision as it is just my own opinion.

What do you think?

Please share your views and reviews below in the comments section.


Back on downhill track. DQmPgYQhZVXFnLM6ZsHwAC21eRbTqvSRH5jKzYDpncaxoBu.png

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