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Hello everyone this is vinith from India . i am tarding crypto since 2016 . Guys who are in crypto since pretty long will understand exactly what i am speaking

  1. guys every January bitcoin used to drop but this time it didn't that it means they are accumulating keep an eye on it.
  2. every market will have a disbelief stage thats where exactly we are .
  3. bitcoin dropped more than 80% and pick up the race again.
  4. i personally believe by 2020 we will be back in the game by 2020 we will hit 3-4 trillion dollar market .
  5. price of bitcoin is so under rated i believe .
  6. we will see moon again.
  7. if you feel it helped please upvote. every upvote counts . it helps me to write better.
    thank you
    pic credits : reddit.com
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