Hold on to your Cryptocurrency !


Hi guys,

I was reading about the latest happenings and I am sure most of you know, if not all of you, that the latest happenings involving BTC is so that people, out of fear would sell their digital currency and jump ship.

Hold on to yours, and as I said, buy the dip - I am happy I did!

Also, the bann we are seeing in China is because shady ICOs were popping out left and right, scamming people, and the government in a way felt forced to stop it, for it not to get out of control.

Keep your digital currency secure :)

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congratulation friend.please follow me. @shiqder

Thanks for reaffirming my own thoughts. I'm always sceptical, though, when any government chimes in with, "Hi, I'm with the government, I'm here to help you."

That said, it is obvious that through a number of channels The Empire is Striking Back regarding cryptos in general. Does anyone actually believe suckhole banksters/establishment shills decrying cryptos - I mean, are you guys really serious? Have you no self respect?

It's heartening to see people ignoring those largely lame and transparent efforts merely forestalling the inevitable outcome for fiats and debt instruments. In cryptos we get to choose our 'fraud" of choice - rather than being herded into the bubbles of bonds, pension funds, real estate, stocks, and the like... Good Luck to Us All

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