My First POS mined coins!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

LOL can you guys tell I am EXCITED!! I know......NOOOOOOOOOB LOL
I don't care! LOL Laugh all you want!

I am THRILLED! and loving teaching others how to do it too! I never imagined it was so easy!

I have now mined 60 coins Whoooooooooooop Whoooooooooooop!

That is 60 coins I didn't have to buy! It's a new coin so who knows where it will go but's called PROCurrency (not to be confused with PROcoin)

At least it is on the exchanges and it has a shopping mall where you can spend it which is way more than I can say for most coins!!! The ticker is PROC if you want to look it up.

I got in at 3.5 cents and now it's running 10-18 cents on the exchange averaging around 12-15 cents so I'm Happy already but I am confident this coin will grow since it has useability.

The coin is also being given to people as shopping rebates (through a free app) for their regular online shopping and it is in some ecommerce education packages as rebates as well so that should help the userbase grow. If you need any more info on that let me know.

I am not expecting or predicting this coin to do anything like bitcoin did but getting it this low, even if it only goes to $3.00 I would be Happy!!

If you would like to start mining this POS coin go to to download the wallet. It's available for Windows, Apple and Linux

Its being traded on c-cex and Cryptopia but should be up on some others soon.

Buy some coins to put in your PROC wallet and you are off to the races!

Algorithm: SHA256 + POS
Coin Name: PRO
Coin Ticker: PROC
Max Supply: 75 Billion
Pre-mine: 15 Billion
POS Reward:
15 Coins/ Block 1st Year
10 Coins/ Block 2nd Year
5 Coins/ Block until max supply is reached
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Min Age: 6 Hours
The higher block rewards of the first two years are specifically targeted
for PRO’s aggressive mass adoption phases, to encourage
individuals/businesses to compete for this reward. Thus creating
volume and price stability. After two years, it will remain a solid 5 coins
per block indefinitely.
We also chose a POS coin to further incentivize the holders of this coin
as a reward to maintain the stability of the network.

For more info here is the whitepaper

Let me know if you start mining it!

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Good Luck!


Thank you!

The best coin to stake right now STRAT ! well done also for your first staking coins! :)


Thank you!