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Our ongoing road show brought us to the world’s leading tech mecca — the Silicon Valley, where LAToken’s founder and CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy spoke at the first Fintech Week Valley about the disproportionate role of blockchain startups in changing the way financial services serve people. He first presented the ideas behind LAToken to the VCs, large firms and innovators in the “Fast Paced Company Intros.”

“To describe it in simple words, LAToken is the “Amazon” of blockchain. We have built a marketplace that connects investors with borrowers and asset owners. Now you can sell your assets by fractions and borrow cash super-fast without paying interest. Or, contrariwise, you can buy fractions of any assets, ranging from real estate to works of art, and get exposure to the industries you believe in without having to spend fortunes,” — says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy.

Later Valentin spoke at the panel discussion “Blockchain 2020” about the most recent developments in the blockchain industry and its outlook for near future. He emphasized that the current outdated corporate processes will eventually be replaced by the improved blockchain analogues in every industry. LAToken, for example, will reshape the way people sell assets and invest money, he explained. And the investors gathered at the conference agreed with him, noting that making even the most illiquid assets tradable by fractions would give an impetus to the development of several industries at once.

“I think it would be really interesting to see how people can put their money to work by being able to own fractions of the assets. You don’t need to purchase an entire asset, and you can get a return anyway. So even if you don’t have a level of income sufficient to purchase large assets, you can now participate in smaller or more meaningful rounds for example. I think it would be very interesting to see how this idea could work in agriculture. It’s a very fragmented industry for small and medium-size businesses, and if they could tokenize their assets, like the machinery they are using, it could create a great opportunity for local investors to participate in the local economies,”—said Jack Saba, Managing Partner of Day One Investments.

After the last session, LAToken hosted a pizza party in San Francisco to discuss recent blockchain regulatory developments in a more casual setting. This party, held on July 31, gathered together more than 250 blockchain investors and entrepreneurs and led to the creation of the Token Security Working Group — an association aiming to make the token market scalable and transparent for investors so that VC and pension funds will be able to invest in our projects.

About us
LAToken is a platform connecting investors with borrowers and asset owners via blockchain allowing each party to get the best offers. We tokenize and make tradable assets ranging from equity and debt to real estate and works of art.
LAToken is one of the first tokens based on an existing profitable business. The company was founded in 2013 as a home equity marketplace where borrowers could get approved loan offers against their equity with the lowest possible rates in seconds. We processed 1000+ deals last year with 35 banks and investors, and now we are adding new asset classes. The Public Token Sale starts on August 22.
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Hello your website looks awesome. But it is a little bit laggy. I have problems with this animations. This animations looks awesome. But needs a lot of resourses of my PC. Maybe it would be better to change them. When I sell my house online with your platform do I need to pay TAXES?

Thanks for the feedback! We will think about animations.
The taxes that you'll need to pay will differ based on which country you live in.

You should add Boulder Colorado to you list of cities to tour. The real estate market is highly valued, very young computer savvy, and more and more tech startups.

The urban legend is there is a large trust fund population that like investing in tech. Could be a great place to meet the right people! Sounds like momentum is building for the LAToken. Best of luck!

Boulder Colorado is full of wealth and technology. How much money have you raised to fund your tokens.

Thanks for the feedback Brian! We will give more attention to this city.

Just resteem this one, please stop by @briandenver and check out the article, thanks

Told some friends about this article on Ralp's articles

If real estate values increase will the value of LAToken go up as well?

The price of LAT will increase as our LAToken platfrom grows takes on new markets and users.
If we are talking about LABT which is Liquid Asset Backed Token, a special form of this token will be issued for every new asset that's being tokenized. And take as an example that we had tokenized a house X. And the price of that house X rose then the price of the special LABT token issued for this asset will also rise.

Sounds like a good investment!

What is Latoken ?
Whether latter investment is safe for the long term?
What about investors from Asia? What result in what?

LAToken is a blockchain platfrom for tokenizing assets.
I am not sure what you mean, but most of the assets tokenized on our platfrom like real estate and works of art are long-term investements.
Investors from Asia are welcome!

I could see wealthy Asians want to move money out of countries that have repressive governments and corrupt politicians in to LATokens so they can move and take their money with them. I think that is what is happening with bitcoin.

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