Top Names in Crypto, Meta-Ranks

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

 There are as many opinions are there are people in Crypto, and the impact of voices influencing the market is always in flux, with newcomers everyday. 

 Leveraging our team’s experience in competitive intelligence our analysts have scoured the .io universe to create algorithmic Meta-Ranks for the Top Names in Crypto. Our Meta-Ranking is first tiered by the number of appearances of market influencers in Top 10/Top 100 online profiles. From these base tiers, the Top Names are further ranked by social media footprint including total Twitter followers and YouTube channel subscribers. 

 The current top 20 Top Names by Meta-Rank as of June 1, 2018 are posted here. With more than 400 Top Names in Crypto, our full list with Meta-Ranks is also available for free download using the link at the bottom. 

 Has our algorithmic approach gotten it right? Do you agree? More importantly — Who have we missed? 

Leave your comments and suggestions for additions and we will have our analysts right on it.


Larvol Chain 

Link to the Full List of Top Names in Crypto, Meta-Ranks

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