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In this modern era, it is very difficult to get banks & firms to transfer money, and with the requirement of documents needed to do such transfer makes it challenging. Dexa coin is an app that has a core objective to make the transfer of money from one country to another easy, fast, and secured. The traditional method has many drawbacks, but people are using it as there is no other better and secure way to transfer money. Dexa coin will be shaping the payment system not only in the remittance industry but also in the payment mechanism as a whole. The company came into light due to the expensive and difficulties faced by the people while receiving international payments. To make such payments trouble-free and fast, Dexa coin focuses on designing its app to provide the users at-home comfort in receiving and sending any payment to any place in the world.

What is a Dexa coin:
Dexa coin is an app that actually will help users to transfer money from one place to another, minimizing the cost and making accessibility at all levels of users who have access to a smartphone device. This also has a feature of instant messaging that will connect not only the sender and receiver of the money but also family & friends and business people.

How Dexa coin works:
Dexa coin will be using the blockchain technology as its core technology to ensure the security of the users and app. The traditional method is expensive as there is a hidden charge and exchange rate volatility. Also, it is time-consuming and cannot provide 24/7 services. As Dexa coin will be an app providing services instantaneously with 24/7 accessibility, it will help to eliminate the charges, and only a small amount will be charged from the sender.

Starting the Dexa coin:
The mobile number will be linked with the app, which will be verified through SMS notification. A unique Blockchain address will be created once the number is verified, and it will be linked with the app. The blockchain address can be used to load the Dexa token directly.
Dexa coin is a utility token that will be held in the Dexa wallet, which will be launched in the coming projects. The service fee for money transfer will be deducted from the user’s Dexa wallet, where these Dexa tokens will be held.
The user can choose to either load the Dexa wallet directly by transferring the tokens to his unique blockchain address, or he can have the option of loading his Dexa wallet using funds available in the user account balance.

Notification System:
The inbuilt feature of instant messaging allows users to communicate with people within the ecosystem. By adding the verified number into the app, the user can create contacts. Only the verified contacts can be added and shared by the users from the Dexa coin app.
One of the best aspects of this feature is that it will act as an all-in-one notification system. Along with the regular chatting, the user will also be notified of the sent and received money transfers, instant payments made through the app, and from whom the user received the money.

Integration with bank:
To maintain compliance and safety for the user, there will be one-time verification and KYC to be submitted by the user before the user links the app with a bank account. After submitting the documents, a quick verification process will be done to ensure compliance.
Linking the app with the bank account will help the user to connect their payment card as well as transfer money from the app to their bank account and vice versa.
After successful verification and compliance, the user can deposit and withdraw funds from their bank account. And this can be used to transfer money within the ecosystem. To increase the safety and security of such transfers, large payment transfers will require additional verification for an increased limit.

Sending & receiving money:
First, the user has to select the contact that he will send money, and this contact will have verified the number. This number will also be linked to the contact’s unique blockchain address, which will be visible to the user. The user has to simply select the contact and choose the amount of money he wants to send to the receiver. And receiver will be instantly notified of the amount received.

Instant Payments:
Any Purchase payments can be made via NFC or via QR code for which the user has to select. After payment user will be notified of the payment made and account balance.

The Dexa app will shape the payment mechanism making it user-friendly, easy, and instantaneous. With the advancement of the technology, it is high time the payment mechanism is also updated, providing easier and effortless transactions, and the Dexa coin app is taking that challenge to initiate the change in the industry.

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