WARNING: Coindash ICO Scam

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I apologize for making two consecutive posts but this is a serious issue. I recently send 2 ETH to the coindash ico that turned out to be fake. After sending the tokens, here is the email I received.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.34.54 PM.png

We are talking about an insane amount being stolen. Or so the coindash team claims. You can notice how they even troll on the page. 43,000 ETHER and counting!

![Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.36.53 PM.png](

Do not take part in the Coindash ico until a further update and explanation from the Coindash team.


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.32.52 PM.png

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A ico that turned out to be a scam? No way!

When stupid investors invest in stupid made up projects, there will be blood on the streets. There is a reason you need a product to raise money. There is a reason traditional startup investing is reserved for high net worth individuals.

Icos along with other crypto projects will find its natural place. We still haven't seen one ico that has proven success yet..

true that! their making tons of money out of us Poloniex won't even exchange with bittrex while Poloniex "itself" can...absolutely in your face blunt kkunts...

Well said.

I'm sure Veritaseum has proved itself and that was an ICO just 4 months ago.

Now people are running back initial coin offerings and most of them taking this an advantage to fill their pockets and to loot public money. In-depth analysis is required before investing. People should know who are the promoters and their back ground and reputation.

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they got hacked. I guess one cannot be too vigilant

Yeah. Similarly what was Tezos? It may be legit or not but how can people invest into an ICO with no cap & in a company full of strangers with no name credibility? Then it hits the news as the biggest ICO ever, obviously if there isn't any cap people will keep pouring in. That's fishy and shows they don't have any concrete plans neither there is any accounting/budgeting team which could calculate the cost as they progress into different cycles of their project. It's like Husband and Wife opening a donation shop for their own team. I would be happy if I am wrong but time would prove that.
Yes, immense research is required before putting your hard earned money. Everyone should be made aware of that there is nothing called as "Get rich quick" thing. You have to be smart and invest wisely.

A lot of ICO's are hella shaky at the moment, especially if they don't have team info or github updates.

New ICOs are great for an early buy for quick profit but they are getting ripped off with OUR money.

I'd say this headline is misleading.

Scam? No. Based on everything leading up to it, it's been a legit project - which as they gave notification of, GOT HACKED.

Unless evidence can be provided otherwise, I'd say your choice of presenting this as a scam is irresponsible sensationalism.

I agree. The word "scam" is being seriously overused. By EVERYONE.

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Stay away from ico its a bunch of scammers running the site. They are only there to stole your hard earn money. Thanks for spreading this vital news. More people should be aware of what is happening at Coindash.

I stay away from ICO's lately.
Most off them are cheaper once they are on the exchanges for a couple of days.

I think their website got hacked and their social media.

One must see reviews and search about ico before investing .
I invest in one ico and that is trading at half price when launched on exchange

The team seemed legin and they had TaaS fund support them.

Beware of ICOs

ICO won't last long, for those looking for short term investment, this is good, but never to kept there coins,

This is nice Voted wish you the same @funnystuff

This is horrible, I hope you can recover your funds!

it's ok. small amount anws and they will send the tokens to those who took part in the ico.

ICO's along with many tokens are not to be trusted and only great for short term trades for profit taking

Welcome to Crypto

Stay away from all ICO in general. More then 90% of them are scam and there been so many cases when people lost their money. Unfortunatly when you invest in this ICO's all you do is help their "developers" to buy a new house in a luxury place!

This is the first time that happened to me actually.

I never invested in them but i have few friends who had the same experience like you and lost a lot of money so just to be on the safe side better stay away from all the ICO's!

I guess until we find a new full proof way we should all be wary

Is this the one that local yokel Craig Grant was pumping here recently...coincrash...I mean dash? :-)

Yo, how have things been? Just wanted to pop in and make sure you didn't forget about the logo/character you were making for me. I remember you said you were busy and you would get to it, so I'm not trying to rush you, just seeing if you might have a better time frame now.?

hey man. didn't forget you.
do you happen to have the ideas you send me back then?
I lost the conversation when chat went down.

hit me up in chat.

This is scary!

A good post is very useful friend salam know from me @abupasi.alachy

People doing ico's that don't know how to crypto!!!

That email has spelling mistakes, are you sure it is legit?

Do not take part in the Coindash ico until a further update and explanation from the Coindash team. this is a great one and even the update proved that this was a great advice
thanks for sharing @kyriacos

There are rumours of it being an inside job.
Sounds quite possible too.

thanks for sharing that

I hate these scams

Thank you we need more information like this thanks mike

good post
plise followback..

thank for info,follow back me

1 btc investment in the ethereum pre sale is worth 250k$ now. everyone thinks investing in icos is sure way to riches. they dont realize etc 50x increase this year all happened after it was available for purchase on exchanges. i rather wait for the projects to deliver than put money in a ico. i dont care what the team is and how much buzz they create.

Anyone think this was an inside job?

i would say 100%

Anytime there's a sale or presale it's a red flag. Hype for limited time events is just something used to manipulate otherwise-intelligent individuals into making stupid decisions. Kinda like Black Friday seasons beatings.

Thank you for scam warning....good info

I swear, there is so much new technological stuff going on like making your own robots to vote for you and so much other stuff, I don't know what to trust and what to stay away from! Thanks for the heads up!

So much scams out there, i'm only interesting in companies with a long track record

I have learned my lesson. ALWAYS test with the minimum amount first!

Gutted for the people who lost money in this scam. I had a similar on a site where you but cryptocurrencies as a direct bank transfer. Somewhere in the trade my wallet address got swapped with a spammers. I was lucky enough the company was very quick on the case and I received an extra 10% ETH on my order. God knows how this mess will pan out?!?

Thanks for telling about this.

really informative post so much security to think about

Thats terrible i have upvoted in the hope you get a little of your money back, i have never invested in an ICO but have seen several and have been tempted but managed to resist, i saw on another post that rather than invest in an ICO it is sometimes best to wait till the coin involved enters the trading markets and then as it falls in value buy it then, as i'm relatively new to crypto does anyone know of any ICO investments that are or have been successful as its a new thing im seeing constantly and something i will probably avoid.

it's ok. I will get the money back by means of tokens

Great post. There was quite a bit of talk of this ICO being a scam which made me stay well away even though I like the project idea. This could well be a fake hack so have even less accountability for the money they will pocket from this. A very sad day if no proof of it being a real hack can be adequately provided.