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"In my days son, our data were sold for free. We had no control"

This will be you a few years from now. As technology advances, concepts like digital data become more and more valuable. Some would argue that they become even more valuable than technology itself. I don't usually do ICO reviews but I believe Datum will define how we do business. Selling data will be much like selling services.

Data will be the new fossil fuel craze. Data exchange will be tradeable commodities — a vast economy where anyone can take part. With our current model big companies control all our data giving little to no benefit to the people that actually produce them. It will be no surprise if future generations compare our current online activity with early slavery. After all, we do spend most of our time online and produce valuable content earning almost no rewards.

Datum is decentralised database powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS. It will allow anyone to backup structured data from online activity, wearables or even IOT devices while staying anonymous. In parallel it will provide a market for users to share their data based on their own terms. The token is also mineable and will allow users to run storage nodes thus getting rewarded for storing and providing low latency access to data.

The team behind the project is solid with extended experience in large scale data processing and management systems. They are mainly based in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong — for some considered to be the capitals of the decentralised revolution

The pre-sale ico is active now and you can take part here. Currently the token bonus sits at 85% and you will receive the tokens immediately. Considering how messed up ICO's have been lately this is a very good sign for the future of this project.

We are taking part in a technological revolution of unparalleled proportions. We will be able to realize this in a few years from now when blockchain technologies become the new standard. Projects such as Datum will revolutionise the way we interact with each other and even affect the value of our daily relationships. Data were always a valuable commodity but with technologies like books, the internet and today blockchain the impact has been exponential.

Needless to say that this is not an investment advice and you should never spend more than your are willing to lose.


What new projects will be powered with Steem? Does anybody know? I'm interested

You mean other than DTube? Not sure, would love to know.

Looks very promising

I love ICO's i buy them all they will all go up real question is just how much!

Well, you shouldn't buy in all of them ...

damn can't keep up with all the ico's . This time is amazing. Will take a lot into it ;)

3 Billion coins is a bit too much, low price is good, token amount for sale is good too. Team is ok i guess, but now product or prototype yet. No idea how they are gonna try and force facebook to use their system.

Yeah, and just launching the test network only in December (well after the token's ICO) means I'll be sitting this one out. In comparison, others like BlockCat have released at least limited functionality product shortly after or during their crowdsales.

Love the concept though, and I may very well buy afterwards, once something beyond that has actually been produced and tested, not before. Too many of these ICOs now seem to be launching earlier in their product's development phases than they should, because they know they're a quick and easy way to get initial funds that they couldn't obtain support for otherwise (e.g. large investor backing or a business loan), by using steep discounts on microcontributions towards a product that may never even materialise (e.g. OneCoin).

I'm not suggesting in any way that this is some sort of scam or even vaporware, but if the tech ultimately doesn't work then the result is the same...

They should have partnered with Neo

Interesting, more innovative ideas, all inspired by the blockchain technology. Decentralise everything!

This is interesting.....

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I'm not going to write a book on this post, I said it was interesting, don't worry I'll never comment on anything you post every again

You passed the bot test. Good on you for that.
As far as @kyriacos posts you most defiantly want to read his posts. They are some of the most intelligent on Steemit. Lots to question and learn.

So many new projects are coming in and it's a very exciting time right now to see how all of these creative ideas will turn out :)

Indeed. The scene has really started to heat up

What kind of slavery do you mean ???

Digital ! It says so in the topic!

When you are online interacting on social media and getting nothing in return while people use your activity to make more money then this is essentially slavery. You just don't realize it because everyone is doing it and because you were born in it.

I'm sorry if I seem dumb but I'm not that familiar with this topic.

How could I, for example, use this platform? And what do I benefit from it, as opposed to using Social Media?

You will be able to sell your data aka your activity, clicks from social media such as facebook, smart watches etc.

A lot like Storj and Sia and several others. Storj is active and working now.

Well, I don't like the idea of data being sold, but that horse has bolted, might as well get something for it.

So users get paid for linking their sources of data to their wallet?

yes. something like that. you chose which data to sell.

Great! Keep up the work.

The ICO purchase process is also really smooth (unlike most other ones that have occurred recently).

yeap. wish every ico was like this one.

I love that topic

This one failed the test too....

Very nice post larke

Intriguing idea! Not quite ready to jump into the water on this yet...

Now we can sell our data and earn some datums, maybe good. If this turns out to be okk, I may end up earning some money. Bought some datg's thanks for sharing this. Will be reading your future posts too.

But how does the actual Facebook/Twitter integration work?
And more importantly, what incentive do Facebook/Twitter have to support this?

I am not sure of the details yet

This will be the main issue. If we are only able to collect our data parallel to FB, Twitter, etc. it will be a hard competition to sell our data to I guess.
looking forward to read more detail about that issue.

A positive review of an ICO by someone like you is very intriguing to say the least.
Thanks again.

yeah. I was surprised with myself as well

hahahaha wow that could be refreshing =)>
Its fun to tap into or experience un common aspects of intrigue~*~

" It will allow anyone to backup structured data from online activity, wearables or even IOT devices while staying anonymous."

What are IOT devices?

Internet of Things

Oh ok thank you

Seems pretty cool. I'll have to read the whitepaper to find out how they anonymize data and attempt to sell it on ethically, if that is indeed what they intend to do.

The technology every day is renewed more and is beneficial for the world, we are in the era super cybernetica .... Excellent publication friend congratulations @kyriacos

Wow, great project..will check it out, thanks for sharing..upped

i honestly have no idea what this mean and im still learning about blockchain as i dont reallyl understand it. I just know I can make money er BTC off of it with trading and what not.
Im not a techno geek, i actually dont care about ifones, gadgets, new technology and what not, give me a skateboard, some spray paint - walls, trains, food, beer n babes and Im happy. I dont need to stay "connected"
I just do it, cuz its decentralized, and freedom is my reason for living take that away from me and I am nothing

I really love your advices, you speak from your heart and educate us. This is the real spirit we need here on steemit. In ICOs first we should wait and see the price then invest in it. some too early investors loose a lot here.

That's a very good idea, but I'd say many have tried similar approaches and failed before. Now with the power of crypto, it might actually be doable as people have tried social networks paying their contributers before and failed, but steemit seems to be doing very well with the addition of a cryptocurrency as its backbone.

Regardless of the success or failure of this particular implementation, I think the idea is bound to be implemented successfully sooner or later. But I think the value for the individual providing their own data for a fee is bound to stay very low as this type of data becomes valuable only in great quantities, but the value of each individual's data remains relatively low.

I am very excited about Datum :) Thanks for sharing!!!

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