What is a Market Depth?

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Hi this is Kuraizuke and welcome to my digital lifestyle.

Today, I will further explain one of the tools that Coinut has and that is the Market Depth.

Market Depth

is the visual representation of the Order Book.

Coinut's Market Depth

Aside from the Candle Chart, you can use the Market Depth to help you when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. The trick here is to know which one dominates. If you see that there are a lot of buyers, this means that the dominating ones are the bidders. Knowing how to read the Market Depth will help you when to get out or sell out a cryptocurrency or when to get in or buy in a cryptocurrency. This will help you when will hit the resistance level and get out before it reaches the sell wall. For visual explanation, please watch the video below to explain it better:

For more info, you check this links below:

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