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One of my favorite quotes is:

There is no free lunch!

So short and simple, but at the same time so powerful and applicable to many personal everyday situations. Even in some of them, it is not clear at first sight that you are paying for that lunch; when we scratch a surface, it becomes obvious what is logic behind the certain economic model and who is paying a final bill. Let's take Facebook as an example and their motto - "It is free and always will be." Ok, it is clear that you as a Facebook user are not paying any compensation or monthly fee to have access to the Facebook platform, but what about you as a content creator? Facebook is getting all of their content for free plus as a bonus you ad an insight into your life, your wishes, passions and all of your interests, that he then can, and will sell to the first best bidder interested in you same as other 1.7 billion Facebook users. I would say that we can easily use "it is free and always will be," but as a motto for all of us creating content for free and sharing it together with all of our private data. We are paying for that lunch, and a price is high.

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Of course, Facebook is not the only example of this unfair centralized digital economy, all other social media and digital publishers are using a same or similar business models. In the last few years, it becomes apparent that this is not the fair or transparent way of doing business and people started searching for other possible solutions. Many of them recognized a blockchain technology as a perfect solution for development of the new and better-decentralized internet of tomorrow. So now we have many new uprising projects trying to develop their solutions for certain parts of the new internet. Even most of them are not leaving a great impression there are a few promising projects that could shape an appearance of the future internet. One of them is MEDIA PROTOCOL.

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Media Protocol is creating a new ecosystem based on the direct connection between publishers, creators, and content consumers. The main idea is to transform digital content into smart URLs that will be able to hold and distribute tokens as a reward for reading, liking and sharing them through Media Protocol Network. Publishers, brands and content creators will fill up smart URLs with tokens that will then be used as rewards for the final user's engagement and consumption of the content. This simple but yet revolutionary idea is changing the current unfair situation and allowing all participants of Media Protocol ecosystem to benefit by spending less or/and earning more.

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Any company or individual wanting to promote its content now can directly reach a wanted audience and have real-time data about its performance and users engagement. Media Protocol platform is cutting out a middleman and lowering marketing expenses for publishers, brands and content creators. On the other side, content-consumers will be rewarded to continue doing the same thing they are doing now, reading, liking and sharing content they are interested in.

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There is already available CryptoCatnip dApp that you can download HERE , see Media Protocol in action, get the latest news from the cryptocurrency world and earn MEDIA tokens at the same time. You can find out more about Media Protocol on their WEBSITE and by reading their very well written and explanatory WHITEPAPER. For all additional questions, I encourage you to connect with the community and team members on MEDIA PROTOCOL TELEGRAM.



interesting project

It is based on a great idea...

Do you try the Cryptocatnip yourself?

I downloaded it... But it is still in the development phase...

You don't get any tokens with the apps as specified on the website?

We will have to wait for a project to develop and tokens to be distributed to have a fully functional apps...

I read your blog, it is interesting and useful.
I agree with you.
Have a good day @ktiptonoob

Quality content brother.

Thank you Pankuvirat...

@kriptonoob! A good idea, it may become a competitor to other media platforms. But it takes time for people to get used to blockchain and cryptocurrency. and to the fact that for high-quality content you have to pay.

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