The Future of Cryptocurrency Mining - Swiss Alps Mining!

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Cryptocurrency mining operations around the world are mostly being criticized for their big energy consumption. The main problem is not just in the annual electricity consumption, reaching more than 70 TWh just for Bitcoin, but also in the sources from which miners get all that energy. As you probably know most of the mining operations are placed in China, and electrical energy for them is coming from not green sources and have a great negative impact on the environment. This is one of the main negativities connected with bitcoin and all other proof of work coins. Even recently we can hear many voices talking about Ethereum and even Bitcoin moving to Proof of Stake that is not expected to happen in the near future. So we need to ask ourselves is there a better way to mine our favorite coins?

The answer is YES!

SWISS ALPS MINING is one of those well-thought projects that got all its segments fitting perfectly and creating a new, upgraded mining product, superior to everything else on the market.

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As the name of the project suggests, mining operations will be placed in Swiss Alps. There are several reasons why this geolocation represents a perfect place for cryptocurrency mining. First one is that classic mining operations spend up to 30% of their electrical power into the cooling and preservation of low temperatures. There is no need for this if you place your mining project in the Swiss Alps. Second, Swiss planning law does not allow renovation of thousands of small cabins and similar structures deployed all over the Alps. These locations represent perfect locations for placement of Swiss Alps Mining Cubes that will not just save a small part of Swiss cultural heritage, but also enable local municipalities to benefit from lower tax revenues.

Third, Swiss Alps are home to hundreds of small hydropower plants that will provide clean renewable and also low price energy for Swiss Alps Mining operations. Forth, all mining equipment will be placed into specially designed containers called Sam Cubes. Sam Cubes are filled with the latest technology and developed to provide great ROI for Swiss Alps Mining investors. The special secret weapon of Sam Mining Cubes is their ORC System. This, for the first time used system is specially developed to exploit a low boiling point of water in the high altitudes and recover a great percentage of electricity from heat. ORC will reduce power consumption for unbelievable high 50% when compared to classic mining operations.

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Fifth, Swiss Alps Mining is using the power of Artificial Intelligence to create a personal advisor that has a task to calculate what is the most profitable coin to mine at every moment. Their SamaiX© AI system is continuously improved to provide even better and more precise calculations in the future. You can read more about it HERE.

Sixth, if you are following news from the cryptocurrency world than you know that Switzerland is one of the biggest promoters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry. This fact provides great security and possibly even some additional tax benefits for Swiss Alps Mining project.

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These 6 points are making Swiss Alps Mining project highly attractive to investors. Thanks to all the benefits and advantages of this project the ROI calculation for all ICO investors is climbing up to 400% for three years investment. You can even calculate ROI on your investment on Swiss Alps Mining Website.

The Swiss Alps Mining Main Token Sale is starting in a few hours, and you can get all important ICO information on SAM WEBSITE. For all additional questions, you can connect with project supporters and team members on SWISS ALPS MINING TELEGRAM CHANNEL.




wow.. its starting soon. i need to read about this project. Thanks

Yes, the main sale is starting in few hrs...

Great thought ..Obviously crypto comeback with us.. Again and Again Crypto market are going down.But This time It Has down a lot and has broken all the records within 12 months.just see the steemit market today.

But don't worry .... Just cool.....Hope it will raise very early.We should keep patience and wait for good market..@kriptonoob

I agree with you sir @kriptonoob that Swiss Alps Mining project is highly attractive to investors . Thanks for introducing us about the valuable mining project.

This team did a great job and everything is in right place for a perfect mining operation :)

Of course Crypto will be back...being the only crypto with some actual value behind it, and being one of the cryptos which has the greatest growth potential..not worried a bit.. Within a year, things will look very different🙂

Just HODL, or buy some more if you have the money for it..
I have powered up some more the last week.. and will probably do it again👍

cool and inspiring. i hope they will have enough hashpower for bitcoin, the network needs more hashpower distribution, decentralization. They should not rely on an external pool, more suitable to mine solo on their own pool

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