LOCI ICO INFO! Tesla was born to early & together we can change the World

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LOCI ICO https://locipro.com/ INFO:

If there was LOCI when Tesla was alive he would certainly be the most wealthy man ever living on this planet and we as the World would be richer by who knows how many brilliant inventions. Sadly there was no LOCI in Tesla time so he died as a poor and sad man leaving us many mysteries of the Univers uncovered


With Loci as world patent system on blockchain Inventors can do what they do best - Use imagination, invent new things and make a World better place. They should not think about laws, paperwork and how to find thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to file their patent. Loci will save them time and money.
Investors, business people, and all interested clients will find Loci useful to quickly find Inventions they need and use it in no time without worrying about all legal stuff and regulations about using someone's invention.

So what is LOCI really about?

Loci is not new Idea, his creator and today's CEO Jonh Wise start working on it in 2008, but they got a patent for it in 2015. Their main mission is connecting Inventors! with interested clients in the easiest way possible and for a just small amount of money invested in Loci tokens/coins. Loci team already made search engine database of patents on the decentralized blockchain, allowing users to find or license inventions.This way Inventors don't need to file the patent and can make money of it quick and easy. On the other hand, Interested clients can use Loci platform to find inventions they are interested in and use them in no time.

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For all potential investors, it is good to know that Loci already have main product - platform done and ready for work. It is called InnWenn and you can try it for free here https://innvenn.com/welcome In time Loci is planning to implement new features and options in their search engine making it better and faster.

At this moment professional users are paying to use InnWenn 249,99$/Month. After Loci coins are out this is what is going to happen. Every user will have a choice, just to continue paying 249,99$/Month in fiat or to buy 100 Loci coins on the market and pay with them. This way it will always be interested users of innWenn to buy loci coins on the market if the price goes under 2,49$/coin. A big part of the money from the ICO will go to government lobbying and changing the laws of countries all around the world because loci is aiming really high - to become global invention registry.

First nine pages of Loci whitepaper are disclaimers about laws, rules, and regulations, so just by that you know that Loci is having really big and strong team of lawyers working for them, which make sense knowing they already have a platform running and their main concern is how to harmonize it with laws of all countries around the World. On their webpage you can see members of their team and advisors, but they are growing and at this moment that number should be around 28 people. Would be nice of Loci to put more information about team members and their Linkedin pages so potential investors could know more about them easily. Hope they will do this in the future.

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At this moment there are few companies that we could call Competitors of Loci. The main ones are Total patent and Westlaw, but it looks like they are aiming for really big users and large professional companies. Giving them tools to search for inventions they are looking for, and that is the same thing Loci is trying to do but in much easier, user-friendly, faster, cheaper and decentralized way. This is a really big market, and if Loci team delivers all they are promising and take just a part of it than Loci could become really big.

So to summarize before going on ICO technical stuff and numbers. Loci is trying to gather all inventions in one place and become something like inventions Wikipedia. Their InnWenn search machine will allow you to easily find any buy inventions from all around the World. Inventors will use Loci to make money, save time and spent it doing what they like and be creative.

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ICO Info:

Main dates of Loci sale are still to be announced. This is info we have at this moment:

  • Loci token sale - ICO will start in Q4 od 2017.
  • Loci is trying to make around 50MM$ of this ICO.
  • There is a total of 100MM of tokens and they will sale 35MM to the public.
  • The Loci foundation will hold 50MM and team and their partners will receive 15MM.
  • Foundation will be restricted from selling their tokens and must use them to buy IP from inventors and to keep network flowing.
  • Presale price will be at 50% discount.


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