Cryptocurrency Market Prediction in 2018


2017 is the momentum of the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Throughout the year the chicken fire market capitalization cryptocurrency grew by more than 3300 percent, an increase from 16 billion USD to 550 billion USD. Dozens of cryptocurrencies also experience price growth of up to thousands of percent. Party exchange also enjoyed a surge in the number of new members are extraordinary. Will the growth trend of the cryptocurrency market continue in 2018? Here are some predictions of the author as an activist of the cryptocurrency market in the year of dog land later:


Cryptocurrency market capitalization is believed to be skyrocketing in 2018. There are many factors that support the growth of the cryptocurrency market, such as increased legality certainty over cryptocurrency, the maturation of technology and cryptocurrency markets, and the implementation of banking data transparency that takes place around the world. And if compared to other investment market, cryptocurrency market is still very small. And when talking about profit, cryptocurrency is champion in the year 2017.

While the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow, Bitcoin's dominance is expected to continue to decrease. In 2016 Bitcoin's market share is still about 85 percent. In 2017 Bitcoin dominance fell to the level of 40 percent. This means more and more altcoin growing. In the year 2017 some altcoins that experienced tremendous growth include: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. In 2018 it is estimated that Bitcoin's dominance will be lower. It is not impossible that Bitcoin's throne as a cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization will be captured by Ethereum or Ripple. One indication of the faded charm of Bitcoin is the loss of support from site managers who are disillusioned with the development of Bitcoin and have swapped all of its Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash.

Some of the top cryptocurrency prices are very high. Bitcoin the price has reached dozens of thousands of USD. Dash has penetrated the price of 1000 USD. Ethereum is fairly stable in the range of 700 USD. In 2018, which will grow very rapidly is a cryptocurrency that has good fundamentals and the price is still quite low. Ripple is potentially big beat Bitcoin cost 2 USD only! Some cryptocurrency tops that are still under 1 USD are Stellar, Dogecoin and DigiByte. This kind of coin-coin is what the authors expect will provide the maximum profit for investors in 2018.

The new Altcoin-altcoin will keep popping up in 2018. It is estimated that the number of new altcoins that will arrive next year will be more than 1000 kinds. The strategy of launching a new altcoin with hard fork techniques against Bitcoin proved successful with the birth of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold in 2017. So it is estimated that the hard fork strategy will be re-used in 2018. In addition to hard fork, the trend of launching new altcoin is from its increasingly diverse product innovations . Reflect on the successful launch of Bitconnect that attracted the attention of investors with its product innovation that features staking and lending.

When the cryptocurrency market grows rapidly in 2017, there are more and more negative issues that cripple cryptocurrency. Issues such as illegal, money games, forms of fraud to the risk of bubble economy continue to be exhaled by those who want to inhibit the growth of cryptocurrency. In 2018, these negative issues will be more massive.


Finally, as a cryptocurrency activist, the author believes the cryptocurrency market will grow more rapidly in 2018. Happy New Year!


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