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RE: How To Access And View Your NVO Tokens Once Distribution Completed

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@islandgirleunice I could see same thing about lack of information flow and seen why because have founder and programmers and that is all good to make the project happen but information flow, investors, future users, press are all important areas that needs to be catered with information flow and as I have a company deals with that and also personally invested, made sense to be there for these guys.

If can put a good word in for us as an investor and owner of NVO I will be happy to help these guys provide the information flow needed to make the project keep everyone informed and move it forward so it has users when the project launches.


I sent ETH to their ETH address during the ICO. How can I see my coins? Thanks for the insight.

@mwichmann4 it is based on the bitcoin address you added. Please read through the guide. Hopefully you have accessed now, but if not, please be sure to contact NVO support

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