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in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

Since the 15th of January, One of South Korea’s largest Crypto forum **Coinpan**’s No.1 search word is **“suicide” (자살)**. However, it doesn’t seem like anyone in the crypto community has committed suicide. People suspect that a group of people came and purposely searched the keyword to make it the no.1 search word. **By doing that, the group can endow a very negative image about crypto investment** (which supports the government’s desire to regulate or shut down coin trade).

Many people suspect the culprits to be President Moon’s avid supporters, who agree with whatever decision the South Korean government makes. They represent the “fandom” who do not care about the consequences and practicality of the decisions made by the government.

Regardless, since the happening, many people started to write about suicide in the community. From a psychological perspective, exposing investors to the concept of “suicide” can have a detrimental effect. It can even spark bad thoughts.

The problem gets exponentially worse since the crypto market is in the downward trend (majority of the Korean investors bought Ripple’s XRP which isn’t doing well right now).

We are not 100% sure which group of people did that but it surely very inhumane. I hope nothing bad happens to the people of the Korean crypto community.  

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Good post mate. Reminds me of Logan Paul.