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ProgrammingValue here. Today I've decided to run through TLDRs for the top 30 cryptocurrencies. Hopefully this can guide your research.

  • Bitcoin: the first cryptocurrency. Pushes the entire market around.
  • Ethereum: largest smart contracts platform.
  • Ripple: a banking software company's side project. Super fast and scalable.
  • Bitcoin Cash: hard fork of Bitcoin. Basically Bitcoin without SegWit but with larger blocks.
  • Cardano: layered smart contracts platform built with academic rigour. Still in early development.
  • Litecoin: Code fork of Bitcoin. Shorter block times and different mining algorithm.
  • NEO: smart contracts platform. Questions around centralization. Very expensive to deploy smart contracts.
  • Stellar: Code fork of Ripple with a new consensus algorithm. Focused on community and open source development.
  • EOS: high performance smart contracts platform. Instead of paying fees, users are bandwidth restricted. Questions around centralization.
  • IOTA: DAG-based cryptocurrency. High scalability and free transactions.
  • NEM: smart asset cryptocurrency that uses a unique proof-of-importance consensus algorithm.
  • Dash: offers standard, private, and instant transactions. Uses master nodes.
  • Monero: largest privacy coin. Uses ring signatures to conceal transaction information.
  • Lisk: smart contracts platform. Code smart contracts with JavaScript.
  • TRON: distributed storage platform that allows users to access entertainment content.
  • Ethereum Classic: Original chain of Ethereum, with the DAO hack in tact.
  • Tether: Controversial cryptocurrency pegged to the USD.
  • QTUM: proof of stake, layered smart contracts platform consisting of the Ethereum Virtual Machine built on a UTXO blockchain.
  • Vechain: supply-chain platform that will eventually use the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Several high profile corporate partnerships.
  • Bitcoin Gold: Another fork of Bitcoin. Opposed to ASIC mining of Bitcoin and uses an ASIC-resistant mining algorithm.
  • ICON: smart contract platform that connects autonomous blockchains with each other.
  • NANO: DAG-based cryptocurrency. High scalability and free transactions.
  • Zcash: privacy coin. Uses zero knowledge proofs to conceal transaction information.
  • Populous: decentralized invoice finance platform.
  • OmiseGo: platform for payments and trading across multiple asset types. Tied to Ethereum through Plasma.
  • Steem: content-based cryptocurrency designed for social networks. You're using it right now.
  • Binance Coin: use this to pay fees on Binance to avoid the dreaded "dust".
  • Bytecoin: privacy coin using CryptoNote technology. Predecessor to Monero.
  • Verge: privacy coin that relies on Tor to conceal its users. No cryptography is used to conceal the ledger.
  • Status: Ethereum on mobile. Browser for Ethereum dApps and a decentralized messenger.

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If centralization is mentioned in any it should be mentioned with Ripple. There's literally no decentralized mechanism to prevent a ledger re-write.

Nice and concise list, well done.

This was helpful. I didn’t realize icon linked chains together. Which do you like the best?

You're writing about the top 30, I am writing about the worst of the worst with my ICO reviews! Resteeming your article. Take a look at my reviews! Let me know if there are any you wish for me to add to the list.

Will do, thanks!

Nice job! Upvoted and resteemed alr for you

Good short recap for beginners. However, I would note that Ethereum classic is not the fork. On the contrary Ethereum is the fork of the original Ethereum. It got to keep the name 'Ethereum' since it was basically a popularity contest, and most people supported the fork to fix the DAO hack (including the Ethereum foundation)


This is great! Thank you for putting it together.

Thx this is my first day on here

It's amazing how many cryptocurrencies have appeared over the past few years, although many people still don't want to acknowledge the existence of cryptocurrency, or have only heard of Bitcoin. By the way, I really liked the article, because I constantly doubt which cryptocurrency is really worth investing in, and given the huge variety, the choice was really difficult.

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