Popular cryptocurrency youtuber spouts nonsense in a review video

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I was recently trying to learn more about a new cryptocurrency project, Ontology, and I tried to hit up YouTube to find some informative reviews. I encountered this video by Crypto Zombie titled: "Ontology Network - ONT | Decentralized Trust Ecosystem | NEO Blockchain | Airdrop ICO".

Immediately into the video, I knew this guy had no idea what he was talking about. Check out how he explains the difference between NEO and Ontology at 14:15:

One thing I wanted to go into was Ontology and NEO. So there's a little bit of confusion... kinda as to whether or not they are competitors. I already told you that they weren't...

But..... they're both going to be public chains, OK... They share similar goals... uhmmmm...... but at protocol and application level... NEO focuses on digital ASSets... OK... and smart economy, whereas Ontology focuses on trust identity, distributed data, and trustless cooperation scenarios.

They're going to both have infrastructure platforms that can support different D applications or dApps okay. But... they're development is going to be for somewhat different scenarios. So...


So basically altogether they're going to form a really great team. They're going to form a really great team okay?

This guy managed to talk for a long time without actually saying anything! He throws out terms like smart economy, identity, and distributed data without any elaboration about what they mean and how they apply specifically to Ontology and NEO.

Many cryptocurrency YouTubers, not ALL of them, but many, are like Crypto Zombie. They can say a LOT of stuff, without actually telling you anything of substance. Please do yourself a favour and don't try to trade on advice from crypto YouTubers. Some could be harmlessly naive while others like Trevon James and CryptoNick promoted scams to their users. Be diligent in doing your own research and rely on your own intuition.

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