The 3rd XVG 51% Attack is FUD

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

We all know their latest 2 issues with attackers and today on media shown up inf about the 3rd.

But its 100% fake, there was no attack and just some niche site posted this and its spread since haters of the coin want to see it dying. I dont take sides here i just say 2 attacks were real and 3rd is not.


There is a funny joke going around which you may not heard "XVG is really getting fucked after Pornhub partnership" .

If you dont know the bas of it check -

What is XVG ?

Our mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life. Verge makes it possible to engage in direct transactions quickly, efficiently and privately.
With Verge, businesses and individuals have flexible options for sending and receiving payments. With the flip of a switch, we offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions between merchants and small scale private payments.

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Yeah 3rd 51% attack was a fake news. There has been a lot of fake news and FUD to drive the price of Verge down after partnership with pornhub. These posts used to downplay Verge and scare away weak hand investors . Don't believe in what you read so easily, find its actual sources and make sure its not fabricated.


people get all pissed off because porn I mean damn

😂😂😂😂 that’s classic.


Very classic :)

Thank you brother please give me one upvote

The joke fits this situation perfectly. I would laughed if the holders of the coin were not suffering because of the rumors.
Good to know that the reports were just rumors but the damage caused can be real. Verge team needs to get their act together because this coin is the ripest ground for pumpers and dumpers.
(PS: I sold my verge after the recent highs of past few months and do not plan to buy it again)

This is really informative. Giving information about XVG is really useful for those who doesnt know about it.
Best regards!

I mean, it's true, they ARE indeed getting fucked

all the market is running on FUD than weak hands will scared & sell off .

I get me some cheap XVG 😂

Its not hard to have a 51% attack on most of these smaller coins though they need to change their algorithms and ways. Perhaps going to POS

Fake or not the whales got what they wanted