BitMex Crushed Again - 0$ USD/BTC pair

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago

I have said many times how Bitmex is not working good lately, i even lost money there few times on the freezes.
Sure its a top volume spot so i still use it like many people but we get more and more upset.

I really suggest other spots with leverage even Binance where after having a normal account you click futures and enable them with coupon bonus10 to have 10% off fees or ByBit.


Users who had positions open claim their shorts didn't kick in (they would end as millionaires) and i bet Bitmex will say its just engine that stopped working and shown bad candles. Last time that was a big action like this they said GUI went down but engine was up - back then BTC jumped on their spot from all the dumps into big highs while nobody could login.


This is why i prefer to trade spot than leverages.

Also do not forget about SimpleFX that have forex, stocks and stuff all in crypto with no ID.


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