Binance Will Support HIVE Split Chain! // Bittrex Odd KYC Popup on Login

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Binance to "Airdrop" HIVE to users

Just FYI hard fork =! chain split even though it often is. But to not confuse people, often exchanges call it support of HF while its HF and split.

Binance Will Support the Upcoming Steem Hard Fork and Distribute the New HIVE Token to STEEM holders.

So if you want to be ready for trading you dont have to send STEEM to your own account to be sure you get HIVE.

Yet they dont say they will list the coin itself (they already did share airdrops of coins that are still not listed before).

But since HIVE is a codebase and devs of STEEM that got listed with no problems I can see HIVE listed sooner than later on Binance which is great news.

Bittrex Showing Strange KYC Popup On Login

Our main (until recently) exchange Bittrex since today shows a strange popup when you log in.
I say strange because everyone using Bittrex already had to do KYC.

Some people also got an email.

For now, you can skip but who knows what happens when filling this? If you did - leave comments.


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Huobi decided to do that too.

For the Bittrex, they just ask you to confirm your country when you login, no further documentation needed.

thanks, good to know!

it's just confirming countries, seems to be ok

thats good, i was scared a bit

Anyone knows, if I want create bittrex account I need to do KYC to start trading?

You must fill in your nationality on your Bittrex account otherwise you will be restricted in access.

This is to comply with Laws where bittrex global is based.

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Binance "supporting" HIVE airdrop is really awesome!

Please keep on this story of additional KYC. Is it really just confirming the country? That seems weird to me...

Not logging-in in the next weeks to be sure.

I would love to see USD/hive pair.

that's a positive development, no wonder price went up so much

That's a positive
Development, no wonder
Price went up so much

                 - tobetada

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