FLUZFLUZ - Earn passive income in a global cash back network! This is going to be huge! :: Watch the Video! + Company & Token info

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FluzFluz is a global cashback network which operates out of Colombia at the moment. They are working on launching their app in the US as we speak. The ICO is over, and they collected around 20 million dollars and reached their hardcap very fast. We have all heard about cashback systems before, but what is so special about FluzFluz? First of all, their aim is global, so the market they are attacking is a market between $62 billions to $12 trillions. Secondly, they are launching their network with a MLM structure.

The reason i am emphasizing structure, is because its not a multi level marketing company, but the structure of the cashback system is based on a tiered structure, which potentially can make this a very lucrative investment opportunity.



Total Supply : 204,780,000

Premier Seat Price

Tier 1 Premier Seat Membership: 20.000 FLUZ Tokens

Tier 2 Premier Seat Membership: 10.000 FLUZ tokens

The FLUZ token are locked until the 28th of February. They have a high volume exchange confirmed, but which one is not disclosed yet. After this date is when the demand will increase, because of the premier seat allocation in June, the incentive to hold is very high, so I believe that will create a high demand for the FLUZ token.

Dont forget to watch the video!


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Very good video and a high potential project!

I like the idea of cashback in crypto.

What dazzles me as a crypto newbie is that there are so many coins/tokens in development and it seems to me that there are many/some/a few (i really can't tell to be honest) that are not going to make it in the long run.

What's your opinion? Are there going to be many forks and are we ending up with 1 or a handful of crypto's? Or are there gonna be coins for all occasions?

Interesting though this Fluz, more to read into ;-)

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I would urge you to watch the fluz video above if you already havent.

To answer your question, i think there will be room for many crypto projects, but of course as times passses on, there will be a filtering of quality versus quantity.

Have a nice day!



Yes, I watched it. Very informative.

For us as content creators Steemit bridges major gaps and makes it very attractive to share and create more. The train has left the station :-)

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high potential project

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