I know bro and I am very sorry but I get always a crazy big smile on my face :))))))
But I think bro it's still not to late to jump on the EOS train even just a few coins and in the future you will be happy ;)

Agree 100%, it's not too late and with all the airdrops coming you can still make some money. Once Chintai goes live you will also be able to rent out your tokens, make it rain baby!!!!!!

Agreed :). Thanks for the read @danyelk! Keep an eye out for TIMM. We will be discussing a lot of these sames topics, would love to see you there.

TIMM is it here on steemit?

Thanks for the shout out @mitrin! @danyelk feel free to follow us on steemit.

exactly i believe that we can get to about 100$ this year

Aun no es demasiado tarde estimado @danyelk, muy pendiente con la manipulacion en el mercado, saludos fraternales.
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Hi, I just voted you! There are new topics that you might like, the rise of BTc as imminent criterion.

Don't forget your medicine before you go check the market cap next time because who knows, the next price might be deadly shocking! :)

Might be @zxt. If it gets that low, I'd might be inclined to just buy some more. Got to catch it low and ride it all the way up ;)

I am to long into crypto nothing can shock me more but just in case I have my medicine always close to me ;)