PolkaParty | Combining DAO & DeFi In One Platform

Blockchain, a new technological innovation that introduces a unique system and is one of the most revolutionary innovations of recent years. Blockchain, originally a technology intended to be used in the financial and banking sectors via Bitcoin but it continues to grow and over time people create different use cases and can be integrated through transparent Blockchain technology which is used as the basis on which this technology changes various aspects of needs. the basis of our life. Blockchain technology introduces a ledger system that cannot be manipulated and monopolized where the system offers transparency and facilitates the process of recording various transactions and tracking assets in a distributed public network, Blockchain technology allows every transaction process to be tracked by everyone in the public chain and this reduces the risk of manipulation. and at the same time minimizing cost and time for everyone involved in its public network. Data & Information is the basis of various aspects of life where the faster it is processed the better where data is securely democratized with more secure privacy, Polkaparty is the answer to all that by creating a Multi-function Ecosystem that combines DAO with DeFi via a new sophisticated Blockchain-Architecture based, its Ecosystem Maximizes the potential of Blockchain technology by creating a unique framework for multiplicity and mass adoption.

What is PolkaParty?

PolkaParty is a new Multi-function ecosystem that combines DAO & DeFi via Blockchain technology on one platform, They designed a unique platform that allows everyone to easily access DeFi services and simultaneously interact with each other. PolkaParty platform will allows their users to get any exclusive access to all basic DeFi features like swapping, liquidity, yield farming, NFT, Staking, etc in the Platform. Their main goal is to create an easy to use and user friendly experience that allows anyone to enter into Crypto circles. and chat with other members and get rewarded for group efforts, Polkaparty provides a Solution by creating a platform that allows anyone to create or join a party with respectable friends, family or other DeFi users, their system makes navigating the unique landscape an endless advantage of any kind smart decisions to be used on the market and Ecosystem itself.

Polkaparty Team designing an robust & unique platform integrated with Blockchain Technology ensuring transparency and efficiency. Their work structure has gone through a long development process with an intense audit process that ensures more scalable security and usability. Users can easily join a party through the User Interface designed by them, only need an address and be connected to a Web3 Interface such as Metamask thus ensuring security and convenience, Their platform is designed to be accessible anywhere and anytime and user friendly with non-crypto users , Ensure mass adoption can be realized. Polkaparty Created a new DeFi & DAO system that is easy for everyone to understand with the implementation of various unique features, If you are interested you can read more details here; https://www.polkaparty.io/

What is POLP Token?

POLP is the native currency that will be used in the PolkaParty ecosystem. This token is distributed on the Public Blockchain network which acts as a Governance Token. Everyone can contribute to the development of their ecosystem and party through this token. Holders also get various unique benefits such as Early Access, Discounted Fees, Staking, Farming, Exclusive NFT and many others. The Polkaparty team ensures that value is maintained with a transparent governance system and liquidity managed by the community so as to ensure that transparency and decentralization are fully realized. This ensures sustainable growth with increasing value and increasing demand.

Market Growth

The Cryptocurrency Market continues to evolve from time to time with new innovations constantly being released in the Market and this is not without the advanced Blockchain Technology creating a new system that enables P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Mechanisms globally. In the last 10 years Cryptocurrencies have become one of the best performing market with constant growth and the total current market value has exceeded $1 Trillion, the Crypto Market Size is currently almost doubled compared to the previous few years and with the current Pandemic providing a very short time. right for Cryptocurrency to be a Store-Of-Value alternative by everyone. PolkaParty on the other hand offers a powerful New DeFi & DAO system with a unique scheme run by the community thus ensuring the long term potential of the platform usage.



PolkaParty offers a new unique platform that maximizes the potential of DAO & DeFi by combining them to create a new and innovative unique multi-function platform. They designed a strong framework with a sophisticated structure that facilitates various processes in each transaction and everyone can also maximize their portfolio by interacting with everyone in their party so as to provide a new reference for decisions to be taken, In general PolkaParty created a new system which is very sophisticated and revolutionary and therefore I highly recommend that you be a part of this great project!

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Website: https://www.polkaparty.io/
Whitepaper: https://polkaparty.gitbook.io/polkaparty/

Authored By Pedobear a.k.a Dhemas putra/dhemasm(Bitcointalk)