Why do I love crypto currency?

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I started playing crypto currency just several months ago. My wife asked me: why do you play it? I replied simply: just because I love it :)

All of us know what crypto currency is. However, how many of us believe it will be the future technology and play because you believe to its value ? Or you play it just because you hope to get money through a new investment channel?

Let me write down my opinions about crypto currency to share you some interesting things I found about it.

Values of crypto currency

Each crypto currency is a hero


If anyone have read the"Currency war" book of Song Hongbing (introduction on Goodreads), you would know the power of the bank forces and some financial shadows that can control the whole world economy. The original idea of crypto currency is about to quit from these controls. By that way, the economy would become more fair, faster and more efficient.

However, it's really really too hard to make that works. I observe the crypto world as watching a movie about wars. Bitcoin starts as the first hero. Next is alt coins heroes. Heroes divided into groups. Some tries to link back to banks / government. Some tries to become completely anonymous and fight for the freedom... They fight, struggle for their own purposes. Some dies, some are still alive ... Some becomes stronger

Each new born or died crypto at least bring some values to the world. Each of them has a very specific mission.
No one knows the future. However, the up and down of every crypto currency is really a great story. I believe that it can be written into poems or bring to the stage. When I write this post, the story is happening outside :)

Each crypto currency is a startup

If you pick randomly any crypto currency on the market and check their own website, you will see the reason it's born and the problem in the real world that it wants to solve. We can say: every crypto currency is a startup behind.

When you buy a certain amount of a kind of crypto currency. It does mean: you are investing to that startup idea. If in the future, that startup is up, then the stock (the amount of crypto you bought) will increase its value and you win. If it disappears on the market, then you lost.

So, when playing crypto currency, I always want to invest into the ideas I love and believe into its value. By that way, I know exactly what I invest have the meaning to me, not just because of hoping to get rich. Playing crypto currency is really a game for me. As it's a game, it needs to be fun. Win or lose is not important if you do what you believe.

You can say crypto currency is stupid, but blockchain is the technology of the future

Behind the crypto currency is the blockchain technology. It's really really the future technology. Even the crypto currency market is collapsed. Blockchain is still the trend. It opens a completely new world to financial, healthcare, e-government, e-commerce ... and a lot of other industries. Blockchain brings more trust, convenient, new methods to connect people, data and new business chances.


Now, every crypto currency on the market is a new experiment to address different problems of specific industries. They try to invest the blockchain technology to change the world. That does mean: each coin you buy is really a way to support them. Certainly, the sooner you buy the coin from the time it launches, the more support you bring to the idea.

After all, I believe that if I start playing crypto with above ideas in my mind, I found it brings me more interesting things. I am not worry when the market is up or down because:

  • I believe into what I invest
  • I believe that I give something to build a better world
  • I spent money for startup stories that I would love to support

That's it!

See you in next posts!

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