My first presentation, about "basic understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital investment opportunities" at the first workshop in Aceh

in cryptocurrency •  last year  (edited)

I was giving a public lecture, image source @rahmadantara

Syllabus the first steemit workshop in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, about the introduction of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and digital investment opportunities. I gave this open lecture to all the participants who had attended on Saturday evening, March 24, 2018, at the VVIP restaurant meeting hall "Ayam Penyet Pak Ulis". Participants come from various backgrounds, entrepreneurs, students, lecturers, academics, local government, and religious observers.

The activities went smoothly and conducive, the participants were very enthusiastic and interested in the material delivered.

I acknowledge that there are still many shortcomings in my course materials, and also because time constraints cause me to press every point of submission, I also know that I find it difficult to find the appropriate language equivalent to interpret some points of discussion so that there are some participants who have difficulty digesting.

I deliberately publish my lecture material so that for the future participants and the steemit community, in general, can develop and complete the course material.

imageII was giving a public lecture on introducing basic blockchain on March 24, 2018 in Aceh. image source [@rahmadantara]


  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Investment


  • The ledger that records every transaction and continues to grow, the book is called a block, each block is connected and secured with cryptography
  • Blockchain using cryptocurrency was discovered in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (anonymous)
  • Blockchain 1991 was once used by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta to send messages
  • Blockchain uses a decentralized system (not centralized)


  • Derived from greek (kryptós and Graphein which means Kryptós = hidden/secret
    Graphein = to write
  • Previously used by spies to convey messages

Messaging with cryptography

Symmetric-key cryptography, where a single key is used for encryption and decryption. Image source wikipedia

Public-key cryptography, where different keys are used for encryption and decryption. Image source wikipedia

Message translator

Key owned by Alice (public and private)

Bob sends a message (encrypted by Alice's public key) - The ledger / block only records the writings and numbers (messages) of Bob that have been encrypted - to read messages sent by Bob (encrypted), Alice needs a private key to decrypt a message from Bob - Message received by Alice


I just give the public key to someone else, so people can send me a message/transaction

To send cryptocurrency/transactions to others, I must know the public key belongs to that person first

Blockchain simplification

  • The ledger containing the note (block = book)
  • Each book has a capacity (more than 30GB or less)
  • It takes 4 seconds or more to create a new book/block (Depending on the built system)
  • The recording will continue (after 4 seconds or more) on the next book/block
  • Each book has a unique code, and is related to previous books
  • Those who record and provide books are accountants (miners or witnesses in steemit)

Blockchain Scheme

The main chain (black) consists of the longest series of blocks from the genesis block (green) to the current block. Orphan blocks (purple) exist outside of the main chain. image source wikipedia


  • Cryptocurrency can be used as a digital asset and is created as a means of exchange that uses cryptography to secure transactions
  • Can be created limited or not
  • Can not be intervened
  • Can be owned by anyone
  • Not legally recognized as a medium of exchange in Indonesia


  • Creating a new cryptocurrency (altcoin)
  • Being miners/provide services (in steemit, miners are also called witnesses)
  • Collecting/stockpiling cryptocurrency (in steemit, increasing steem power-SP)
  • Merchant (conventional money exchange service/IDR/USD etc.)

When is the price of cryptocurrency rising/expensive?

  • Nobody knows
  • The more market demand is likely to increase (economic principles)

Investment = accept the risk of failure 99%

  • Very high fluctuations
  • The analysis is just an opinion
  • No one is responsible
  • Vulnerable fraud and abuse
  • Must understand the system
  • Very dependent on the network (internet)

Steem Prices from 18/4/2016 to 24/3/2018 (IDR)

What can you learn from the graph? NOTHING, you just know, when the market volume increases then the price will rise. image source

  • April 18, 2016 steem price = Rp 8,490.-
  • Steam price March 23, 2018 = Rp 27,072.-
  • April 18, 2016 to March 23, 2018 = 704 days
  • Lowest price of March 11, 2017 = Rp 962.-
  • Highest price January 03, 2018 = Rp 110,473.-

Finally, I have to analogy every point of the matter, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how to invest.

In fact, I have much to say, and I should also make sure the audience can digest every point of matter that I preset to be useful in the future, and finally. because of the limited time then the matter I stop and solid until it's there, then I will have a personal discussion with the participants.

Thanks to @pakulis who has sponsored this workshop (without you this workshop may not materialize), thanks also to colleagues who have worked to succeed this workshop (@saifuelbahrie, @azirgraff, @teukumukhlis, and @jumaidafajar) also to all journalists who have attended the event.

@teukumukhlis was presenting in front of the participants on the basic introduction of steemit, the participants looked very enthusiastic. @kharrazi documentation

You can download my matter using Bahasa for free here (pdf)

Hopefully useful

1. Cryptography
2. Blockchain
3. Cryptocurrency

Best Regards @kharrazi

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hello @kharrazi, it is very excellent. you have presented very well. Hopefully what you convey can be understood by them (seminar participants) who were present at that time.
sorry, I can not attend the public lecture because of the night task (working hours)

menyoe hana kupi jak bak ule kareng beh

Ok, thanks @ijoel
Khak :)

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Terima kasih ilmunya bang @kharrazi 🙏 ,Bantu-bantu vote lah bang hehe

Sama-sama, terima kasih juga sudah meluangkan waktunya

Salam kepada semua rekan dan membership steemit, semoga kehidupan kita selalu update dunia dan akhirat.
Salut dengan kegiatan ini dan saya merasakan kedahsyatan acara tersebut, sangat luar biasa, sayangnya saya tidak menemukan video acara tersebut kecuali foto-foto keren habis hehehe.


Video insyaallah ada sama @armiden
I hope can meet you as soon :)
Thank you

Anytimes bro, I am ready for us with big challenge.
best regard.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Thank you :)

Penjelasan yang sangat amat membingungkan, namun sedikit banyaknya saya sudah banyak yang faham. Yang penting Happy....
Terima kasih ileumenya, bg @kharrazi

Insyaallah kedepan kita perdalam lagi materinya LOL
Terimakasih telah hadir :)

Meu apui apui lheuh lagoe 😀😀

meuhambo polem :D

Oman....haneupeuroeh loen meusidro

mandum rhoh, undangan ka ban saboh Kota ka ta bry they
tapi hana pue, insyaallah ukeu ta keulayie lom :)

dibalik memperoleh ilmu yang bermanfaat, ada hiburan dan kelucuan yang tersisa di seminar ini. good job bro @kharrazi ... wk wk wk

ambil ilmunya yang bermanfaat, jangan ambil lucunya @rinaokay :D

siap brother. hehehe

Pajan ta peuget di Bireuen acara seminar lage nyoe. Pemateri droe dan Teuku Mukhlis.

Insyaallah lon siap, meseu memang rakan-rakan dibireun meu peugot seminar

I have somewhat understood the blockchain system. But it should be more detailed lesson about blockchain. I hope there will be more seminars like this with lessons on sending currency crypto currencies between currency markets.

I'm not invited :)
Success brother!

no, we invite everyone, we have shared it in group, discord, mass media, on lhokseumawe city billboard, even we distribute 5 banners in city center
Thank, next time. We have a plan to make a larger workshops
May you have a time to join next event :)

Very sad, I missed the information :(
I will make sure the next time is not left behind again, a rare opportunity can be present in a very valuable workshop!

Alhamdulillah bisa hadir di acara seminar dan ini bang @kharrazi terimakasih atas berbagai pengetahuan dan pengalaman di cryptocurrency dan sudah merangkum nya di sini sehingga dapat kami pelajari kembali salam kenal @syafiqali

Terima kasih juga kepada abangda yang telah meluangkan waktunya hadir di kegiatan tersebut, saya mengakui bahwa masih banyak kekurangan yang harus saya perbaiki lagi dimasa depan
Steem on :)

Iya semangat belajar semoga bisa berbagi bagi kami yg newbie. Terimakasih

Presentasi yang cukup menarik walaupun baru perdana menjadi pemateri.Tapi Ilmu yang diberikan sangat bermamfaat bagi kami para pemula.Thanks jai2 buat brother @kharrazi

Terimakasih juga kepada abangda @mukhlispasee yang telah bersedia hadir meluangkan waktunya ;)

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Very good useful post and workshopÍ! Upvoted and resteemed!

great job there

Thank you