Substratum & Santiment on The Move!

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You must be excited if you've recently moved some coins into Substratum after reading my post about it and also a post I re-steemed yesterday here. Looks like it's taking off today. I think Substratum is a great project that will fundamentally transform the web into the way it should've been since the beginning of the Internet.. if the product works well when it launches. For one, I would like to see Steem-based webapps getting hosted on Substratum as it is a great way for anyone to support both networks, earn, and maintain net neutrality for all without the need for politics.

Also, one of the exciting features on top of being able to browse the Web without the likes of VPN and TOR is their Cryptopay feature that could also change the way we transact with cryptocurrencies across the Web. For one I think this is also a great platform to reduce our risks of being unable to access our cryptocurrencies on exchanges and useful websites like Steemit.

More info on Substratum:


Now onto this token, another one of my favourite holds. I've been selling some but it just keeps going up! In short, this project aspires to be the Bloomberg of cryptocurrencies. Personally, I've acquired it much early on in hopes of supporting a product that will provide me with well curated news and datafeed on the market. I think many investors, traders, and speculators in the game would also love such a solution to all the noise.

In the future, people will stake SAN tokens to access varying levels of information. Naturally, I think the highest tier of staked tokens will tend to provide people access to "insider" news and information. This is the reason why Bloomberg data services are such a big business. People are willing to pay to get ahead of the curve. So with the rise of cryptocurrency markets, people will easily allocate 0.1%-1% of their holdings in SAN just for a peace of mind. Definitely a long-term hold for me.

For more information on Santiment:


If you want to stand a chance to get some Substratum, you can try re-tweeting their post here

How about Steem?

I'd personally add Steem for another one of my favourite coins that starts with the alphabet S, but I don't think I need to elaborate on Steem further since I talk about it all the time lol.

As usual, these are just my thoughts on these coins and should never be taken as financial advice. I'm also not big on technical analysis and personally prefer investing in fundamentals, so I can't provide any good entry points.

Please do your own research before getting into anything in the cryptosphere. Try not to buy into peaks simply because of the fear of missing out. A better entry point could present itself if you're patient.

Thanks for reading & Merry Christmas!

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interesting, didnt know this one :)

Merry Christmas @kevinwong haven't heard of the Substratum or Santiment thanks for the quick info sounds like your going for a triple SSS

My fav coins all either start or end with S.. lol

Thanks for the substratum tip! :)

Looked into it a few days ago and traded some enjin for it!

Enjin is doing well too :) is gamecredits a direct competitor btw?

@kevinwong where can i find a wallet to save them now i have them in binance but i want to save in a wallet. Regards

An ethereum wallet will do for now. Try myetherwallet. I’m still waiting for binance to reduce the transaction fees because 10 Sub is too expensive. Also try check in on them in the future as they might be moving out of Ethereum.

10 subs wow as you say too expensive, i understand this kind of coins works a ERC 20. Thanks a lot man

Yeah gonna hodl those for the long haul. ;)

I'm not sure actually, never looked much into gamecredits.

I think gamecredits might be good too, but yeah didn't look much into although the name has been around for awhile..

I actually never head of it up til now. Well, there are so many promising projects arising in the crypto world nowadays that it is hard to keep track.

We have some experts on coins X,Y,Z others in P,Q,R and others in I,M,A etc...

And that's how it has to be.
Cheers! Upvoted!

Haha yeah. My favs somehow start or ends with S

I'll be investing in Substratum, But I'm not so sure about Santiment yet.

I'm a fundamentals guy. My strategy with coins is the same as my strategy with stocks. I like things that pay me dividends. That's why Substratum is so appealing to me.

I try to listen to as little financial news as possible. FUD and FOMO is all I really get from them. I HODL and get paid, or at least try to.

Merry Christmas.
Thanks for the post.
Keep Steeming!

First time I hear about it. I will check it out ! Merry Christmas :*

yeah first time i heard about it too but i trust your judgement. will check it out, happy christmas man, have a good one, stay safe out there.

Best to check it out, I might be too caught up with the net neutrality thing that i'm totally sold on substratum lol. Thanks man, stay frosty this xmas :)

One of the things I like about you is honesty and simplicity, you never claimed ‘Mr. Know it all’.

I do not regret ever followed you.

I would like to see Steem-based webapps getting hosted on Substratum as it is a great way for anyone to support both networks, earn, and maintain net neutrality for all without the need for politics.

This is awesome! Especially your last phrase there (without the need for politics)

I love that.

Thanks for being there for your friends.

I remain your humble friend and follower

It's the best solution, if it works! Thanks @maxdevalue, I appreciate your kind words :)

Enjoyed the read. Thank you!

"Substratum" and "Santiment network Tokens" i have never heard before. Did you invest there @kevinwong. I have no idea for it. Probably have some risk. If am wrong please correct me. I`ll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Merry Xmas to you!!!

Yea they’re my favourite tokens. I hope they’ve a working product by 2018

You are living the future already Kevin.

The future is already here, just not evenly distributed yet xD

Thank you - I think I got into Sub after reading your post - about 4000 sat and there is still lots of potential! I really hope that they can deliver in the next weeks with the Beta (also Trex listing and coin burn) - if so, Sub will be easily go to 5$

I’m just surprised nobody ever thought to produce something like what they’re going for before. Let’s hope it works out! Yeah $5 coin quite easily :)

In a way it´s not always an advantage in the cryptoworld, when you got a real product. The danger is, that if your product is not working, everyone can see it very clearly. This way you can´t keep the hype running - like other coins, that simply have no product at all or their only product/service is the coin itself.

Well I lost a chance with substratum but their idea is neat. What's important for now is that steem seems to be better coin than I thought. During these last crypto shakes steem was doing well because nobody wants to sell it! Same sbd - people rather change to steem with nice rate than sell on outside exchanges. This means that faith in steem blogging is very big and helps the coins connected with it. I must say - I didnt believe people wouldnt like to cash out every week when I started blogging here. But they seem to care and it works.

Don’t have to jump in now until it settles, also probably better idea to wait til the product ships. Steem has always been a good coins although it might take a while for the network to excercise it’s antofragility..

Substratum I saw Many Youtubers Talking about it :) & I Invest in it & I make a Great Profit Thank you For sharing :) good luck (y) following u

Nice one! I think it's a good project to support. Thank you :)

What's the exchangeable sites suitable for both currencies?

Check on coinmarketcap. Binance has both I think

i am investing in steem
Merry Christmas dude :)

These sound like game changing projects, when the market cools down I will definitely try to buy some, hopefully the substratum and santiment tokens are not to difficult to acquire . I hope your are enjoying the holidays :)

Wish that I kepy up eith you when you introduced this porject. Sounds absolutely solid to me. Now the price is too high imo, will grab some while it 'corrects'. But it might keep booming and never look back again, who knows right?

Yeah, i think they're good hedges against any big btc movement.

It's always great to read your post, you always provide us with the latest news on cryptocurrency. Your Christmas gift to us :) Thank you!

Very interesting article. I learned a lot for myself. We are a little like you, my favorite currency is also Steem :) Merry Christmas! Good luck to you and good.

Очень интересная статья. Я узнал очень много для себя. Мы с вами немного похожи, моя любимая Валюта тоже Steem:) Счастливого Рождества! Удачи Вам и добра.

Looks very promising, though new to me, I hope to check it out.

Yep it's almost doubled and I'm kicking myself coz I was deciding between one of two coins to invest into yesterday and one of the is Substratum!

Anyways very good call @kevinwong!

Keep they updates coming :D

Which was the other one?

Merry Christmas Kevin! Wishing you and yours the best for 2018!

Thanks @rawdawg - likewise, wishing you a super2018!

Heard about it a few weeks ago from Ryan Lee from crypto grinders.
My friends also highly recommended getting some too.

Good that people are starting to recognise it too. Thanks for sharing!)

Ah wish I got into it a few weeks ago, but was instantly hooked when i found out about it about a week or two ago!

Ryan is a good guy to follow. I need to log back into telegram.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, making everything softer than snowflakes and all the more beautiful. Wish you a Magical Christmas.

substratum shows 64 % growth.... sorry i did not read your post ...otherwise i will invest in it

It might come down. Still waiting for the working product to launch..

i am like OMG !!!

OMG is another coin! lol

Lol i am speechless right now Awkward silence

Substratum looks very interesting and went through the roof.
I would give a little invest into Substratum for sure, if there were not a few stars which I already wanted to buy.

I definitely will watch it developments.
Great potential there!
Thanks Kevin for this update!

Thanks @infinityroad. Which are some of the tokens you’re looking into?

Will ask my traders' view on those..i buy when prompted. Don't necessarily know what to buy.
Cheers and merry christmas!!

Nice to have a trader around! Merry xmas @immarojas :)

I am not actually..but the Steemit Philippines' discord server have a traders' room. Interesting stuff there everyday. Cheers😎😎

I didn't get in yet in Substratum but I'm interested. It sounds a bit similar to Basic Attention Token . Have you compared the two ?

Nope it’s not the same at all. Substratum is basically like the Uber for web hosting / vpn and their approach is quite different from the rest of the “decentralize the Web” projects. BAT is for the attention economy

Okay cool - I will have to read up more - Thanks ! Btw what do you think of BAT?

Not a big fan since they're kinda forcing everybody to use one specific browser..

I see what you are saying ! Merry Xmas btw wish you all the best for the holidays

First time I heard sub & san. Its too interesting to me. Has risky condition both?

Yea risky because there are no live working product yet, only prototypes

Itu adalah ilmu yang bermanfaat, saya akan mempelajari lebih jauh tentang hal itu. Thanks telah berbagi ☺👍

Sama-sama tuan @kevinwong. Bolehkah Saya resteem posting anda.

is the connexion rate will be good enough ? otherwise it's very interesting ! merry christmas

Yeah have yet to find that out, great if it works!

definitely yes !

i dont know about substratum and santiment ,,,,,thanks for info...and merry christmas to you also..

just watched a video about substratum in youtube.. and Merry christmas!

Never heard of SAN, great that you shared it with us.

it has an interesting name. the video says they are the world's first crypto data feeds platform. Though, i'm not very clear on the concept, I'll sure check it out

Both projects still do not have a complete product out, so becareful, there are still plenty of risks involved.

okay, thanks for your kind advice :)

Being here at Steemit certainly has taught me a lot about cryptos, I am always learning something new. Also like to wish you and your family Merry Xmas and hope that you and your family will receive blessings throughout the year.

Merry Christmas to you and your family @kevinwong!!😊💚💙🎁🎁🎁🎄🎊🎉🎀🍰🍰🍰


Merry Christmas @kevinwong!!🎁🎁🎁💖💖🎄🎄🎊🎊🎉🎉🎀🎀

Thanks for the tip Kevin ! I had 100$ spare to chip in, hopefully this will be a good one <3

Best of wishes and merry X-mas brother !

Should be quite a solid one, but perhaps keeping in btc might be better. i'm just all about the alts xD

beautiful , u got new fan here, hodl hodl

A Christmas miracle: I was rewatching some YouTube videos explaining Substratum's tech and anticipated beta launch literally this evening. I was already a stakeholder, but I said to myself, "I really love this project, I should double my holdings."

Yes, I was thinking so much and believed in your consideration, thanks, Merry Christmas'

I glad to see your post, I learned a lot from this post, as a new user, I got a lot of thanks, thank you for your cooperation.

Substratum looks good, thanks!

Frist time i'm hear it,i will try it..Merry Christmas, excellent post.thanks for sharing us
Resteem post

nice work can you tell me how to post

Both currencies never heard recently. Tks for the greatest opinions of you @kevinwong. Will see. Maybe can trustworthy currency modules.

Substratum is a great project i think i will invest some into it :)

very interesting post, thank you for sharing

avery interesting post, thank you for sharing

Massive rise great it wow :)
anyways wising you a Merry Christmas

thanks for the post

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I heard a lot about substratum but didn't know much about sentiment. Thanks for the post. It's really well put together.

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

I have some SAN , buy and hold! great project

This will be a plus to the globa world
Merry Christmas in arrear and Happy new year in advance

Ajari kami tuk bisa berkarya

thanks for your information....

Marry christmas

Dear @kevinwong I realy think I got into Sub by reading your post.
and by the way, you have got an interesting channel here ;-) Cheers

i hope this is a good idea to give a shot..will see..thanks alot for sharing this with us..merry christmas to you :)

I'm new to cryptocurrency so the more read I can about it helps ! Thanks for the post ! I look forward to the future currency.

Nice post and upvotd. If u don't mind why don't u view my last post too

I missed on substratum. I knew about it since its ico but didn't buy it and now i am regretting :(

Thanks, I just got some substratum yesterday and it went up instantly. I’m in for the long run though. I hadn’t heard of santiment, I’ll check it out!

Oh man I'm so glad I've joined Substratum at ICO stage, in the last two hours of crowdsale!!

Steemit and SBD will moon!

Steem it is for me but there are for sure some incredible projects on the rise.
Have you heard of “Datecoin” hehehe Crypto starts to be sexy 🤣🤣🤣

"I think this is also a great platform to reduce our risks of being unable to access our cryptocurrencies on exchanges and useful websites like Steemit."

This is Interesting. A good past time to do read and research about it thanks!

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