BTCC DAX Ethereum Classic/Bitcoin trading is now live! FIRST HAND REPORT - DON'T TRADE THERE FOR NOW

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

You can now deposit your BTC and ETC to the much anticipated BTCC DAX platform for ETC/BTC trading.


First hand report is in. Well, what can I say for a newly launched platform without much testing and user-friendliness. Few major flaws I noticed while trying to use the BTCC DAX platform.

  1. I mistakenly created a BTC wallet that I thought was an ETC wallet address, and I labeled it as "ETC-wallet". When I wanted to correct the labeling to "BTC-wallet", I found that there is no way for me to do the modification.

  2. I then created another BTC wallet address, so now I have the correctly labeled "BTC-wallet" and the wrong "ETC-wallet". I could not remove/delete the wrong address.

  3. You can only create 12 BTC or ETC addresses at most.

  4. After trying to place an order for almost 99 times, I finally managed to place an order of 111 ETC. This was a complete fluke, as I was not able to place orders in the amounts of say, 555 ETC, 999 ETC, 1000 ETC, and other amounts.

  5. Often times, once you've placed your desired amount of ETC to be sold, the system does not automatically calculate the expected amount of BTC you would be getting (should the order be realized). This is what I mean:


  1. I found that in between your left & right click mouse, there's the roller mechanism that you can use to scroll up and down. That movement changes your price/amount, IF your mouse pointer is hovered at these boxes. This could be very tricky to use, and could mess with your orders if you make a mistake.

  2. I deposited 3001 ETC into the platform just to give the exchange a try. With all the above mentioned problems, I thought I ought to move back all the ETC that are there. Then I realized, ohhh, I CANNOT WITHDRAW my ETC out of the exchange.

Ergo, please use/treat this BTCC DAX with cautious and know what you are getting yourself into. I understand that this is a new platform, but I really hoped that they could further test/modify their system before rolling it out to users in such a haste.