Verge & PornHub?

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According to Zuckerman (2018), adult entertainment streaming site Pornhub has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) and will now accept the coin as payment for Pornhub Premium and all Pornhub purchases, according to a press release published today, April 17.

Pornhub is a very familiar website for all of us. You may not know about Verge, but I am very, very, very sure that you will know about Pornhub. It is the largest porn website with the largest amount of visitors.

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It is actually a very good news for Verge. We expect that its price would be skyrocketed. It actually reached the highest point, which is 0.115USD, but after that, it dropped a lot until reached 0.07USD. Why would the price reached the highest point just only temporary and dropped suddenly?

There are people who stated that the Verge's partnership with Pornhub is a scam.There are also people afraid the Verge would be the next BitConnect.

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So, this is a trap or a chance?


Great post @kelvin98
Verge is not a scam, what happen to XVG has happen to many other coins. I'm not sure how long you've been investing/trading but there is this saying "Buy the Rumor, Sell the News" thats exactly what happen. We knew there was rumors of a partnership, we did not know who...but we knew there was a partnership coming. If anything this is a good thing for cryptocurrencies, because if the adult entertainment industry can adopt crypto before other industries and it makes a statement that it is here to stay. The dramatic drop in price gives many another chance to invest in XVG and watch it grow much more stably unlike this last week and half.

Ya that is a great move for Verge and a big move for crypto

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