$USDT - why all the silence?

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

My biggest consternation regarding $USDT lay in our silence. The entire crypto industry seems at peace with laying down with the dogs, and we are all catching fleas.
Why no outcry over the lack of audit? Why no clanging about with the issuance of billions more?

Live ponderings on Periscope...

Confused about USDT.jpg

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everyone is quiet but it seems like they are looking for alternates, TUSD has been gaining attention and bittrex looking to experiment with fiat makes me think that they are looking for alternates without creating panic.


That would be a wonderful thing...mercy I hope you're right. And thanks for the info on Bittrex and fiat, most of my trading is on Binance and I hadn't heard that tidbit!


binance list TUSD a few days which suggests they are also looking for USDT alternates. they did mention that they will be adding TUSD pairs too .


I just got in there to add my new Shrimpy bot and saw that. Thanks for the update!