Garlicoin: New mineable coin being released tomorrow 🚀🤘🏻

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago (edited)

Guys, checkout this new coin being launched tomorrow (Jan 21, 2PM EST):

  • Max coin supply: 69 million (decided by community vote)
  • Block time: Every 40 seconds
  • Starting block reward: 50 GRLC
  • Proof of work: Scrypt-adaptive-N (ASIC resistant)
  • Difficulty Adjustment: Dark Gravity Wave (alters difficulty every block for more regular block times)
  • Segwit enabled

Garlicoin Website
Garlicoin Source Code
Garlicoin Subreddit
Garlicoin Discord


Doesn't sound that great, unless you can put it in a stew - Garlicoin???

tis gonna buy me a garlicambo