Alts will prevail

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VERY IMPORTANT message about #Bitcoin

Read carefully & try to understand it perfectly.

Example, if bitcoin drops even to $8k or $6k levels, you do not panic sell any of your Bitcoin or Altcoins, because, when bitcoin is done with its downtrend, Altcoins will rise.

And when Altcoins rise, your Bitcoin will get double/triple. This way you'll have more Bitcoins in coming weeks/months. Then again, Bitcoin price will Rise. So you'll be in huge profits.

Remember, Stock Trading and Crypto Trading should be done with INTELLIGENCE, Smart Mind, Wise > Thinking and NOT with Emotions or Distress.

We are bullish on Bitcoin & Altcoins and we are not selling any of our coins.

Do not believe in Rumors.

Beware of MEDIA fud MEDIA always talk negative about Bitcoin for their own TRPs.

Forward this message to your friends and groups, Help spread the Genuine Knowledge & Understanding of Crypto.

If you do not help crypto community who will?

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