DOGECOIN - To the moon and back - 10$ to 11,000 in less than a day.

My journey with crypto currencies began only a few weeks ago. To any of you who have been on this roller coaster ride since the beginning, I truly admire your psychic abilities. However having only graduated university last year, until now, my finances have been limited in terms of investments. Since last June I have been working as a software developer allowing me to try and hoard away some money in RRSP and TFSA investments. However, after reviewing my investments during the recent tax season I noticed that the approximately 10,000$ I put away has only net me about 30$. I realize that a 3% gain is nothing to complain about, but it is human nature to strive for better. In Late May of this year I decided after hours of research to try my hand at crypto currencies, with an initial investment of 300$ distributed between the three coins available for purchase on Coinbase. I mean, if the criminals behind the Wanna-Cry virus see enough value in these currencies to demand data ransom in bitcoin, who am I to argue. Within less than a month I had seen profit of over 70$ on my initial investment… just under 25% return in less than 30 days. I was fired up to say the least. With my renewed drive to invest in the crypto market, I decided that I would move my assets to the Exodus wallet in order to increase the security and currency options available to me. One of the new options available to me was Dogecoin, and after spending the last 4 years of my life in a meme-filled subculture known as Canadian University, I felt it was only right. I decided to move 10$ of the profit I had already made into Dogecoin, banking me just over 3000 of those bad boys. But nothing could have prepared me for the “Wow” to come…

The first few days of Dogecoin ownership were quiet, slight gain, slight loss, repeat. I was happy enough having not lost anything on my precious 10$ investment... One day last week, after coming home from work, I decided to check on my exodus wallet and proceeded to fall of my chair. My portfolio had somehow spiked from just under 400$ to well over 10K. Shocked, I tried shutting down the desktop application and re-launching it just as a sanity check… 10K still. As I looked over my dashboard trying to see how this was possible, utilizing my expert level ‘I Spy’ skills, I noticed a number unlike the others. My 10$ in Dogecoin had rocketed up to 11,000$. If any of you are unwilling to do the math, that is a profit of 109900%. I had no clue how this lunar launch could have taken place in less than a day, unless Elon Musk had been secretly tutoring a Shiba Inu in his spare time. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Such Profit, Very Invest” as comic sans text rolled through my thoughts. Not being above trying to take a major profit in crypto currencies I frantically tried to shapeshift my Dogecoin into Bitcoin in order to sell back on Coinbase only to have my dreams crushed. A faint bit of text beside the shapeshift dropdown menu, I believe it said “(currency unavailable for transfer)” however It’s hard to read wearing Kanye West style shade glasses reserved explicitly for large wealth gains. Within a few hours, my Dogerocket had fallen out of the sky and plummeted faster than Ethereum on a Wednesday…

As a software developer I realize that I did not actually win the crypto market lottery, but instead was taken for a ride by a bug in the Exodus wallet code. However, if either JP Richardson or Daniel Castagnoli are reading this, I am willing to accept that your application is flawless if you are willing to add 11,000$ worth of Dogecoin back into my wallet (Joking of course, unless anyone is down I’ll leave my Dogecoin address below lol).
After all is said and done, I have no plans on leaving Exodus wallet, but as a PSA to anyone planning on using any form of crypto wallet, remember that no matter how safe and professional these applications may look, keep your wits about you. The technology is growing at an exponential rate and not everything has been perfected. Despite these risks, and the emotional roller coaster these coins have put me through; I will continue to invest in crypto currencies, including Dogecoin, in hopes that my next trip to the moon won’t be as short lived.

-Kevin Manton

Dogecoin Address


Hahahaha! Etherium on a Wednesday to funny!