Omisego will become the ultimate payment platform?

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Hello good morning friends steemians.
Today we are going to talk a little about Omisego.

Omisego oculates the position nº21 by market capitalization
according to coinmarketcap with a current price of $ 12.01 at its maximum on January 8, 2018 at $ 28.35.

omisego 2.0.png

Omisego is a company that already has many years in the world of technology, since it has been starting since 2013 is its origins in a payment gateway as an intermediary for example between a business and a bank when someone wants to make a payment . So in summary, when you go to dinner at a restaurant and pay with your card, the business uses the payment gateway to verify that you have those funds and authorize the transaction.

Some time later Omisego focused on the blockchain theme and currently its goal is to be a solution to connect the different electronic wallets that exist. For example. If you have a wallet from company "A" and make a purchase you can only pay with that wallet and if you have another wallet from company "B" you can only pay with a "B" wallet. Omisego what is intended is to be a catwalk and can pay with the wallet "A" anywhere, whether in your country or traveling in another, which makes it really interesting.

Another great point that supports this project is that the Omisego adviser is nothing more and nothing less than Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of ethereum and bitcoin magazine. Which recommends very few projects and Omisego is one of them.

Currently, Omisego is already offering services, such as the large multinational McDonald, where it already accepts payments at its stores in Thailand through Omisego

In summary, it is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies. Ideal to diversify the portfolio although it is important to choose the time to buy it

greetings friends.


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