Crypto Carbon CCRB must be a Scam Coin?-My Personal Review, And please drop your honest review.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

I heard about Crypto Carbon CCRB about a month ago.I checked them but didn't enroll there because I simply didn't believe in their big referral reward, $10/ referral sign up. On the other hand, the person who signs up through your referral link will also get $5. This certainly sounds too good to be true and more like a well-known Ponzi scheme.

But yesterday a friend of mine told me that I had already earned more than $5000 on CCRB just by referring others and he wants to withdraw it. And he wanted my help to withdraw it, which made me to their site again. But looking through their website and whitepaper gave me some more reasonable doubts.

Here are some Negative Points I gathered.

  • Huge Referral Program.
  • No Whois Data Available for the domain.
  • No Contact Information such as phone no. on the website.
  • The Whitepaper is full of buzzwords and doesn't explains much about the project itself and it's usability.
  • No detail of ownership neither satisfying profile(Identification) of team members.

However, I am only taking traffic stats and behavior on in this my personal Review.

Lets Check The latest Alexa Stat for

Apart from US other all other 4 countries are considered as countries with lowest CPC(Cost Per Click) Rate.

Lets see how traffic are coming to

Most traffic is from direct visit and referral while only around 1% is from display ads.

Most of those referral traffic from PTC or similar sites.

Apart from, all some kind of cheap advertising platform/medium to get corny visitors to your website. I assumed and to be Russian PTC(or similar) site which pays on BTC.

My Conclusion

Whenever I see any project or scheme that targets regions like this, mainly considerably poor countries in Asia and Africa while claiming project being based at some richer I always give a red flag without taking much time to study them. Well, I have several reasons for that. I have seen many such schemes came and gone scamming lots of money in such these regions because it's really easy to scam here and walk free.People here are always seeking for easy money on the internet and they are unaware of the whole dark scammy side of the internet. I think it explains why they are buying cheap traffic from those PTC sites and other mediums. On the other hand, PTC users are those who are just dipping their feet in online earning, and the best customers for scammers??Because some of them may end up buying few CCRB with their hard-earned CRYPTOs as well.

This review is based on my own thoughts and experience, no technical or other aspects involved, so I could be wrong at these points. And I want really want to hear some honest review on this coin because I have seen lots of people are spending to much of their time and probably some money just to increase their referral earnings. And I want to convey right message to them.

Thank You!

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Good Review! Mostly ico is scam

There are excellent points! There are so many scams in crypto world and unfortunately there are more to come....

Crypto ICOs has already triggered these scammers, and you are right there are only more to come..

Well I have learned my lessons with these referral sites and I am over with these sites !Hope the innocent people does not gets caught up in it !

Thanks for the heads up buddy !

To be true I had also fallen on such schemes during my initial days in online earning..

So did I buddy !

I also think, it will be scam soon..
No ico give this much profit..

I have a feeling it is 100% a scam.

nice work


This seems like a scam. With such huge payouts, which clearly is unsustainable in the long term, it's only a matter of time before it caves in.

The handsome referral is the bait, and many people will fall for it.

The interesting thing is that about a year and half ago, platforms of this model spread like wildfire across Nigeria. Today, not one of them remain in existence.

I would urge those thinking of signing up to that platform to think twice.

Yeah, I am also from one of the underdeveloped countries. And I know how we are always last to find a legit program but all these model of biz easily goes viral here in the first place.
My thought is a legit business model claiming to be international wouldn't choose some Poor Asian and African countries as their Ideal customer/investor.

They always prefer easy targets!

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Thanks for your information I like your post thanks... your cryptocurrncy post very useful

i agree with you, you clear the concept. thanks for share with us and waiting for your next post.

Good post

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Hello sir and everyone that tried CCRB. What did you find about the website after this review?
I have also created a write up of this crypto for promotional purposes though. Thank you so much in advance.