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GUARIUM e-Commerce Automation

GUARIUM will be a B2B and B2C platform connecting producers, wholesalers, online stores and clients. Due to innovative solutions each entrepreneur will be able to use the leverage of thousands of entities operating in the GUARIUM network. The solution has been adapted to both existing stores and the new ones.

Each guarium token value 1.2$ token type :erc-20.
Bounty with simple tasks like posting in Facebook and Twitter,you can earn 180$ In your etheruem wallet contest ends in 4days.
1st place grand prize:36000$.
2nd to 10th place:12000$
11th to 100th place:3600$
100th to 1000th place :1200$
1000th to 20000th place:180$
20000th to 200000th place:60$.
(*Collect minimum of 800entries for eligible in the contest)
Collect at least 1300points Then You will be in below 20000rank.
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