Proposal: Add XMR Smartcoin

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Recent news of free markets adopting XMR due to superior privacy/anonymity features when compared to the better-known cousin Bitcoin have spurred insane price spikes in XMR/BTC and, correspondingly, XMR/fiat.

With the impending addition of STEALTH transactions to #bitshares, there appears to be a clear opportunity to benefit from the publicity XMR is receiving at this moment, and forge a synergy between two projects that so far, to the best of my knowledge, have not collaborated much with each other.

I therefore propose that Bitshares witnesses add XMR to the price feeds, creating the bitXMR smartcoin.

Once this is done, we can begin reaching out to the Monero community.

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Please can we make this happen soon? I'm a huge holder and supporter on XMR and would love to keep them over in my bitshares smart wallet as there is no GUI for Monero at present.


Try posting over at the forum, I opened a thread in the witness category that links back to steemit.

And if you know more people who would find this interesting, ask them to post here on steemit and at the forum, too!

I am in talks with one of the xmr devs to come onto a hangout. If someone can help get the community to do this, ill gladly post an article about it with a clip and give the SBD to them. Or if you think you will fair better posting yourselves that is fine too. Let me know either way :)


I think you have a better chance to make this one come true, fuzzy!