CHIMAERA: An Era of Endless Opportunities!

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The video gaming market is yielding quite good revenue. According to a report the gaming industry will at an estimate grow from $108.9 billion per annum in the years 2016-2020. Also, a forecast says that Compound Annual Growth Rate will be around 6.2% CAGR6 or 7.8% YoY in 2017. This is in part a result of mobile gaming, which accounts for $35.3 billion with a 22% YoY growth, and the lowering cost of computing platforms thus increasing their accessibility to larger human populations. Estimates of the current desktop computer gaming share vary from $24.8 to $33.7 billion.

Chimaera is a novice platform which aims at providing an extravagant range of tools and infrastructure. Especially, for game developers enabling them to build their own game worlds that are befitting to the vision of the project. They can fully leverage the Chimaera technology to build decentralised games and issue their own game currency that can be traded for CHI or other chimaera game coins/assets.


Chimaera caters to the needs of both the present gaming and cryptocurrency markets and the also the markets which will progress through the process of games being created on top of the blockchain. This new market is attributable to the creation of new virtual universes and item trading possibilities that are substantially deeper and more flexible than other emerging and simple trading systems using smart contracts. Chimaera targets both developers and gamers.

Team behind Chimaera:
Andrew Colosimo - Founder
Dr. Daniel Kraft - Cofounder & Blockchain lead
Konstantin Gorskov - Cofounder & Game Dev. Lead
Bas de Gruiter - Cofounder & Business Dev.
Patrique Burgersdijk - Project management
Ryan Smyth - Community management
Ayalies Schoonhoven - Marketing & Communication.

Huntercoin was released in February 2014 as a proof of concept to test how well blockchain technology could cope with facilitating a fully-decentralized Massively Multiplayer Online Game, and it succeeded in this experiment. Huntercoin is still the only game that runs entirely on the blockchain. The Chimaera Token Exchange Period will allow interested parties to exchange BTC for CHI Tokens. Tokens can be redeemed once the genesis block is mined

Coin distribution: ¬
Total tokens for sale: 40.5% (max cap of 1,175,000,000) ¬
Proof-of-work coins (mineable): 40% ¬
Company reserved: 10% of the total supply unspendable for 6 months (hard coded) ¬
Advisors, marketing bounties, additional costs: 5% of the total supply. ¬

Why Chimaera?

  1. Chimaera lets the users create turn-based games. They can even create complex games. This opportunity is almost unlimited in scope.
  2. Chimaera facilitates complex games that are provably fair, secure, scalable, and without a single point of failure.
  3. As Chimaera will be an ever evolving platform, more and more advanced features and applications will become reality.
  4. In order to maintain ongoing, long term support for the Chimaera Project, we will develop a flourishing ecosystem with multiple revenue streams.
  5. Chimaera is in many ways simpler than traditional methods. It has made the monetization of games a lot easier.
    The value of the Chimaera economy will increase as more developers and gamers adopt and use the platform. Chimaera will essentially democratise gaming development. The team is dedicated towards making this platform the number one. The success of Chimaera is quite predictable.

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