Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on latest Tim Ferriss podcast episode!

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The latest episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast is a discussion with Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant (AngelList, CoinList). So far, it's an easy-to-follow conversation that will obviously get millions of people understanding cryptocurrencies for the first time.

The episode isn't showing up yet on iTunes or Overcast, but you can listen through the blog post

Since it hasn't been blasted out to everyone yet, there are very few comments on the post. It's a good opportunity to introduce people to STEEM (which isn't mentioned in the episode!). Like my comment suggesting Tim check out STEEM (or on Facebook), or leave a comment of your own.

Thanks to @firemeibegyou for pointing it out to me.


Yeah I listened to that today as well!

Liked your comment, obviously.

Thank you for sharing!

Tim is a major influencer to the online world especially to people who wants to make money online. I think this is a great initiative. Followed you.

Only listened to Tim a few times. Will definitely check this episode out. Thanks, Resteemed & followed.

Wow, listened to this twice today. Great listen. Spread the word about this episode. Lots of crypto knowledge packed in it.

@kadavy nice article well done

I totally agree, nice article!

LOL I'm not sure deleted you outta there... Buy yeah it was well put together

Awesome thank you! I'll edit my comment then :) It was kinda funny though.

Always a source of entertainement out here my guy

Haha awesome! :)

just came across this podcast today myself. haven't listened yet. but when things show up in 2's or 3's it gets my attention. thanks :)

Great to see this!

Although I am not into the meme of "4hour-X", this kind of exposure is always good.

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Great post, will check the episode for sure