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in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago


The total market cap is growing so fast. It seems institutional money are coming in crypto.

It's normal for Bitcoin to grow first because people who are hearing first about crypto will want to own bitcoin.

I believe Ethereum will grow to $600 soon. Once all exchangers will enable again eth deposits, it will explode.

I am expecting a correction on Bitcoin, but I don't think it can go under $10,000 anymore.

Just hold some crypto and you will became millionaire.

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I'm with you 100% on the $600 ETH prediction. I would not even be surprised to see $1000 ETH in 2018.

Some of that new money entering bitcoin right now will most likely find its away into ETH and other major alts.

We are lucky to live in this moment ;)

Yes sir, I have been hodling em :)! Also bought some IOTAs. The future looks really bright for that currency.

Very best work for world

great thinking man,, thanks for sharing your opinion.

holding eth lets see if it can rise or not :D