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Today, enjoy a good video game is easier than ever, you only need to have a phone to access an immense variety of these, also, if we have a computer –it does not have to be so good– the range of titles to enjoy extends much more.

And it is that video games have become one of the most lucrative industries today, the shift from the industrial to the digital era, has opened the doors to a huge number of companies and individuals to become true creators of artworks.

This has even led to the creation of eSports –electronic sports–, multitudinous events in which thousands of dollars are awarded to professional gamers in the most popular games of the moment, which has come to create commentators and even coaches specialized in this sector.

It is in this digital environment where the blockchain is developed, therefore, it is logical to think that this technology can be linked in some way with video games, thus creating new ways of playing, benefits to developers and players alike, right? The natural thing would be that this compatibility becomes of immense importance in a future where the digital universe will dominate the offline world.

The problem

For people who are alien to the world of video games, it may seem that today developing one of these is extremely simple, right? The tools seem to be available to anyone, the platforms to distribute them are at our service, and however, the reality is that the costs to start and maintain a project of this type are extremely high, unaffordable for most.

This is clearly a disadvantage for novice developers trying to gain a foothold in the market, limiting the variety of titles we can obtain and enjoy. However, the challenges related to video games are not limited to the creators, it also affects those who finance this industry; the gamers.

Gamers love video games, however, they dedicate a lot of time and effort to these; not all are able to participate in the great competitions where the best are awarded, how to give value to all the resources invested playing?

So far the model has been somewhat parasitic, although players enjoy the games a lot, they do not get anything as a reward for the time, effort and endeavor devoted to them, and if they got any real reward for playing, there is still the possibility of developers devalue it by printing more and more "rewards", which is not fair for gamers.

Given this, there have been many initiatives that have tried to include "something of blockchain" in their projects; however, they only do it to take advantage of the wave of emotion and popularity that cryptocurrencies are having or to reward with something of these to the users.

Video games are an art, they go beyond traditional media because they stand out in the gameplay; the way in which we interact with the work. This intrinsic characteristic does not seem to change with the passing of the years; can the blockchain technology change this reality?

Yes, thanks to XAYA, the future of video games will always be related to the blockchain, but...

What is XAYA?

It is the platform that will eliminate the requirement of servers for the creation of video games, because it makes it possible for them to run on blockchain technology, in addition, it will facilitate the handling of complex worlds, in which it has to share and exchange assets and digital currency.

This will greatly reduce the production cost of the projects to the developers, allowing the creation time to decrease and we can acquire a greater variety of video games without losing the quality of these. In addition, with the support of this technology, it will be possible for users to have real ownership over their digital assets, which will facilitate the exchange of these for other assets, whether digital or tangible.

XAYA offers an infinity of possibilities because it proposes to the developers to create completely autonomous universes, available 24/7, video games with a life of their own where players can trust in the decentralization of these to manage this "entity" at their whim; that is, truly free worlds.

It is in this context where we can say that we will be free of cheaters in our games, because: who can cheat the chain? They would have to trick each node at the same time and, that is impossible. This also applies to "trolls", those who like to irritate good players will find it very difficult in the event that they penalize economically –within the game– those who incur in bad actions.

Unlike other platforms, XAYA-based video games will be completely safe for their users without the need for a central authority. This is because the transactions must be verified by the parties so that the deal is carried out, in this way scams or frauds in the digital ecosystem will be avoided.

How works?

It is possible that at this point we ask ourselves how XAYA has solved the scalability since if for traditional video games this is a problem, it must be much more for those that work on the blockchain, technology that has sometimes been described as "a slow database".

And is that the most important problem facing the adaptation of the blockchain to video games is the scalability, this is because this technology can be very inefficient in large multiplayer video games or in the intricate and complex open worlds, which should handle a huge amount of data in a very limited time.

However, the team's experience after the project solved this problem a few years ago, creating the concept of "game channels". This solution was born from the need to create Huntercoin; a video game that managed to beat the following records:

  • The world’s first decentralised massively multiplayer game
  • The world’s first game world built entirely on the blockchain
  • The world’s first human mining permissible cryptocurrency

It was just a hobby, however, achieved a market capitalization of $ 10 million and more than 35 thousand characters interacting in the universe of Huntercoin.

XAYA platform. Source.

In very few words, the "game channels" are a turn-based system, which allows all data to be stored in a secondary chain and not in the main chain. If the players validate the end of the game, everything flows; otherwise, a third party checks the secondary chain to assign the prize to a player.

Of course, it is very possible that there are trolls players who just want to irritate honest people; will this affect the efficiency of the blockchain? Not with XAYA; these disputes will create transactions on the platform; therefore, will generate commissions, which will be paid by the troll, which is economically unfeasible in case a dishonest player just wants to bother.

Operation of the Atomic Transaction. Source.

It is also important to note that the platform allows the realization of atomic transactions, that is, it will be possible to exchange assets and currencies of each game through the CHI, facilitating the exchange of digital wealth through various titles.

How will the developers make money? After all, they will not create a lot of good games just for the love of art; they should get benefits for their work. The options offered by XAYA are many since creators can make profits in the traditional way –advertising, sell products or services within the game– or use the blockchain in their favor –charge commissions for transactions within the video game or obtain a part of the benefits of mining–, they can even create video games that are a hybrid of both and maximize incentives.


This project goes beyond everything that exists to this day; innovative and disruptive, XAYA will create a new market, a world never before seen that will surpass the borders of blockchain and gaming. If this industry currently generates almost 110 billion dollars a year in profits and grows unstoppably, how much more can it produce with the leverage of cryptocurrencies?

Remember that the Asian market is one of the most growing and this increase will not stop, which opens many possibilities for the future of blockchain-based innovations, since traditional systems and methods are not fully established there, therefore, they are more open to technologies that directly improve their lives.

Proof of this is their jump to electronic payments instead of using traditional cards and transfers.


Despite all the barriers that hinder the path of decentralized currencies, every day more uses are attributed to these and are more important companies that adopt them as part of their cutting-edge technology. At the end of the day, it is not the inorganic injection of money but the utility and use that gives true value to the cryptocurrencies.

Among the multitude of possibilities offered by the blockchain, there are video games; in this case, it is XAYA who leads the race, however, rather than being an innovative platform for gaming, it is a window for players, investors and developers to generate wealth through the exchange of valuable digital assets.

The more developers that create video games in XAYA and the more gamers who have fun with them, the greater the value that XAYA will have with respect to the market and, with so many advantages and possibilities offered by the platform so that everyone who interacts gets benefits, their success is guaranteed.

It should be noted that XAYA has its own currency, the CHI, currency on which the platform will be based, acting as the main asset through which all changes will be made. It will be a very useful tool because it will give access to a great universe of video games, which gives a great value to this currency; this is an advantage it offers over other projects for those interested in investing.


The video game industry grows at an unstoppable pace –56% in five years–, not only as a means of entertainment but also as a new sports phenomenon, however, the way of playing and acquiring it continues to maintain its "traditional" form.

So far, there are two business models that dominate the industry; subscription method and freemium method. In the first, a payment is made to access the entire game; in the second, a Free2Play mode is played with reduced features and, to obtain advantages in the game, mini-payments have to be made.

However, the disruptive nature of XAYA will change all the paradigms established so far, since it will make possible a new game method; Play2Earn, where you can have fun earning from the banal item to the rarest and valuable digital assets.

XAYA will fill a large gap in the market; individuals can play without paying and then earn coins during the game, they can also pay with the capacity of processing or storage of their computer or pay an initial fee and then acquire more digital riches. The possibilities are many; XAYA allows projects based on its platform to be totally or partially blockchain-based, even without any decentralization.

Another very important aspect of XAYA in the field of gaming is its compatibility with existing tools –such as Unity or Unreal–; this allows the creation of more avant-garde games so that developers do not fall short in terms of complexity and aesthetics graph.


Medieval entrepreneur

Julio is a young Venezuelan student who generates extra income through MMORPG video games –such as World of Warcraft or Runescape–, the coins or items he earns while playing them are then sold through Facebook groups or online bazaars, however, this activity is usually very complicated.

This is because there is no easy way to acquire his national currency, he must make so many changes that lose a significant amount of time and money. However, this situation ends when he starts with LordsWorld, the first decentralized MMORPG in which he truly owns his digital assets, in addition, he can easily change them through CHIs and, due to his demand, a small exchange was born in his country that facilitates the exchange of these for his fiat currency.

Time well spent

In a non-decentralized video game, the time and effort invested by gamers are in doubt; they can have an immensity of digital assets stored in the game, however, it is very possible that they get bored over time or that for some reason they decide not to play anymore.

What assures them that their investment will continue to have value? At the end of the day, if they move to another game will not be able to use their coins and items from the previous one or they will not be able to recover any of the money invested. However, if these gamers decide to play a decentralized video game based on XAYA, they can easily exchange their assets from one game to another or simply withdraw with their money when they see fit.

The Living Game

There are many video games that offer us "freedom" or a large and open world; however, none of them meets expectations. The point is that it is difficult to make a world truly alive, at least in the centralized way, since under a decentralized system it is possible to conceive autonomous universes.

This offers incredible possibilities for video games that want to recreate real life, like the Sims. If we add the crypto component, we could have a virtual world where we can buy houses, cars, various products, and almost anything we can imagine. (The same applies to a project like Skyrim, but instead of products and cars they would be swords and horses)

This also applies to open worlds –like GTA–; the most successful game types are those that allow fans to create modifications to vary the playable experience. Imagine an infinitely large world in which players create their own mini-games and mini-worlds to generate digital assets and change these for real world riches. It seems like a dream, but soon it will be a reality.


The experience is one of the most valuable resources that a project can have, it allows them to grow without interruptions and offer excellent results. In this case, there is no more prepared team in the world to carry out this company, since the people behind XAYA not only have years of experience in technological areas, commercial and in the video game industry, but also launched a pilot version of his project a few years ago and, it worked; therefore, now that they have more resources, people and experiences, they will be able to achieve greater and more satisfactory results.

The team. Source.

The Token

Personally, I highly value the tokens with an important utility for the projects, XAYA clearly understood the importance of these for a system based on blockchain technology, this is because the CHI –pronunciation of the X in Greek– is of vital importance for the platform, will not only serve to finance the project, but it will be the necessary tool to interact with XAYA-based games.

In addition, the company has excellent plans for the use of the funds raised, since a large part of these will be destined to the development and growth of the concept so that many developers will be able to create innovative games for the enjoyment and benefit of us, the players.

Token distribution. Source.

Token allocation. Source.


Roadmap. Source.

Partners and Support


The Advisors




Undoubtedly, video games will be the great industry of the future, their way of entertaining covers the traditional media -narrative, photography, music, etc.-and they go beyond, narrowing the distance between users and the screen through interactivity.

Until now, there was no way to link this industry with the blockchain, wasting the great advantages that this technology can offer to the game's world; efficiency, greater variety, and better prices. However, the arrival of XAYA completely changes the future of video games.

This company offers the necessary tools so that developers can create living and infinite games, which cannot be modified by a central authority, but their neurons will be the users that make life in those universes. Turn-based games, collectables, real-time strategy, virtual reality, the possibilities are many since new genres can be created based on Play2Earn, totally autonomous new worlds, practically with a life of their own.

Without a doubt, this will be the dream fulfilled by many gamers.

For more info, check this video:

More Information & Resources:


If you have any questions, leave it in a comment and I will gladly answer it.

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