BitBean, Electroneum, Fluttercoin and Tron - A $200 Winter Speculation to $2000 By the Spring of 2018?

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Winter is well and truly here, the wind has been howling, the cupboards have been looking a little bare. Rather than grumble I've decided to let the moths out of the wallet and take $200, and invest $50 in each of the four projects below.

I'm hoping this initial winter speculation will be worth at least $2000 by the spring of 2018. Time will tell if this was a hopelessly optimistic endeavour or I'll be rewarded with a profitable ten bagger.

$50 - Bitbean (BITB)
Price at time of writing: 0.00000125
Reason for purchase: I like their Proof of Stake "Sprouting" concept, and the fact it's an unpretentious project. It's currently cheap as chips so I can grab a bag full of bitbeans.

$50 - Electroneum (ETN)
Price at time of writing: 0.00000564 BTC
Reason for purchase: I hear that the team behind this coin have a successful track record with Uber and Spotify, their goal is to launch Electroneum into mass British adoption. They state that this will be the first cryptocurrency in the UK allowing users to mine it with a mobile phone. Whether they succeed with this goal is another matter.

$50 - Fluttercoin (FLT)
Price at time of writing: 0.00000138
Reason for purchase: This legacy coin from 2014 was always innovative with it's Proof of Transaction (POT) which rewards users for spending coins. The development team has recently emerged after a long period of hibernation and have become active lately, recent price action seems to reflects this.

$50 - Tron (TRX)
Price at time of writing: 0.00001396 BTC
Reason for purchase: This token caught my eye on Binance with a spectacular price rise of over 100% in 24 hours. Am I buying at the top, or has this got room to grow? I believe Tron announced they had inked a new deal with Singapore based bike-sharing company oBike. This is believed to be just one of many such deals lined up in the future.

Just to let you know I'm not offering financial advice, crypto speculators should conduct their own research and due diligence before making any cryptocurrency buying decisions, as the price can go down as well as up.

Thanks for reading, cheers.


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