Should you feel sorry for the latest "I'm sorry" ransomware to hit the interwebs?

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Most ransomware viruses are malicious and aggressive, without hinting at an ounce of remorse.

However, the most recent one to hit the interwebs totally bucks that trend.  

"I'm Sorry" is the name of the latest ransomware virus to make the rounds and it is by far the most apologetic of any of the previous viruses I have seen to date. 

By the way, if you are unfamiliar, a ransomware virus is defined as:

"A type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system, either by locking the system's screen or by locking the users' files unless a ransom is paid."

In the modern world of cryptocurrencies it meas this:

"Crypto-ransomware encrypts certain files on infected systems and then forces users to pay the ransom via certain online payment methods, like bitcoin, in order to get a decryption key."

What makes this one different?

As "I'm Sorry" infects your computer and takes control of many of your files it displays a message that is intended to make the attacked feel truly sorry for the developers of the virus. It even apologizes for taking control of the victim's files.

Sounds like they are just a bunch of nice guys, eh? 

It is likely written in this manner with the hopes that the person who is infected would feel sorry for the developers of the virus and be more willing to pay the ransom request. 

A ransom request that isn't all that cheap I might add...

They are asking for $500 in Bitcoin payments. That is roughly double or even triple what most of the ransomware viruses ask for from their victims. 

It appears our apologetic ransomers are hoping to pocket some big coin from this!

The ransom even goes as far as explaining how to purchase bitcoins using Coinbase or LocalBitcoins. Also, it explains how to create a bitcoin wallet at 

That is also a little bit unusual compared to other cyber attacks, but it doesn't stop there. 

Adding to the unusual nature of this attack, the next part of their message even goes on to list a few links to posts explaining what bitcoin is and how it works. 

It appears they want to educate the people they are stealing from, how sweet.

However, it's really not all that different in the end.  

Things are not all rainbows and puppy dogs, however, as the end of the message is concluded with this phrase:

"If you fuck around, I will delete your key."

Nice guys, eh?

The assumption is that they mean their decryption key. Like it was going to be returned in the first place... 

In the majority of ransomware cases the data is never returned to the victims, even when the ransom is paid. The best thing that can be done is contact your local authorities and let them advise you on the best steps to take next.

If you didn't already know, and it wasn't made abundantly clear in my post, the answer to the question in the title should be a resounding, "No!" 

Ransomware is here to stay, much the same way cryptocurrencies are here to stay. 

As I posted yesterday steps are being taken to better prevent these kinds of attacks in the future by major government agencies. 

The post can be read here:

However, for that to be the case it will likely mean that paper trails of sorts will likely be implemented in order to see where these virtual transactions go. That means a lot of the anonymity that virtual currencies currently enjoy will likely go away. 

It will be interesting to see what that means for the cryptocurrency markets once that becomes more of a reality. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that regulating and monitoring these things as currently constructed will likely be a lot more difficult than many people believe.

Not to mention it will take a lot of time before it is really possible. 

In the post I linked above, it talks about a committee being created that will be responsible for coming up with solutions to monitor and track virtual currencies. They are being given 3 years to do so...

Not 3 years to actually regulate them, but 3 years to come up with a plan of how to do it. 

Yea, we are a ways away from these things being regulated in any meaningful way.

Stay informed my friends!


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Considering how prevalent these attempts at disrupting your life are, I think operating systems and/or anti virus software BY DEFAULT should force users to backup content offline and create restore points periodically.
Then when the worst happens, you will at least have a couple of options to restore/re-copy your important data.


Great thoughts!

Ransomware is the filthiest way of blackmailing people. Those who did it just ruined someone's PhD thesis or memorial photos, for what, couple bucks? It looks like someone had sad childhood and didn't get
enough attention from parents.


That or they just need some money and are too lazy to use their skills for good...


some ransomware variants not only targets documents but crypto wallets' .DAT files. Now if one had some real stash going on and got hit by ransomware it is likely one would pay the ransom...

It doesn't help that the various US government spy agencies developed highly sophisticated tools contributing to this malware problem.

It would be nice to see a class-action lawsuit against the government, but that wouldn't make sense because you'd just be suing yourself and get a tax increase if there was a payout. :(


Putting money from our left pocket into our right pocket?


Yup, that sums it up pretty darn good. lol


And a whole lot of lawyers back pockets


Highway robbery is not a new thing. Wish there was a way "travelers" could arm themselves. Like an antivirus that "takes down" the computer that tries to send the virus..


Can you imagine back then if they used "snake shot" in those bullets? The bullets were wildly inaccurate back then, but snake shot was the equivalent of a shot guy shell in a handgun... That's how you win a duel!

The more safety we get, the more sophisticated the attacks become.


Yes indeed!

Yeah, good guys stealing from you!... had to admit is funny they put all the instruction on how to buy BTC... Is there any screen cap of the actual virus?


Haha there might be, but I am not going to go looking for one. I want to stay as far away from those things as I can!


lol i know what you mean! hehe... Scary virus indeed!... But i bet that virus wont be aiming to individuals, just institution or rich people who can afford 500 BTC... if one of those virus infect me i can only laugh at it hahaha

Ransomware with a heart...that's a interesting twist. I'm never surprised with what new angle viruses will take. Thanks for the info.


That was my take as well. I am sorry that I have to do this, but give me $500, I am really not that bad of a guy I promise.

Good information. It seems the NSA should be able to offer the solutions to these malware attacks, since they are the ones who have created the backdoors and many of the original malware.


I am sure many counter measures will be coming in the next few years. It will be interesting to see how much they can do to prevent/counter them.


And how much of our privacy and security we will give up for that "protection".


None! Of course! ;)

Thanks for your research! This is good to know. These guys can go to hell. Lol. Protection against this will be useful. I will check out the link. Hansenator



I just hope the virus protection/firewall creators can keep up with the flow... as they say, "every time we idiot-proof something, they create a better idiot!"


Yep. That is usually how it goes. There will always be hacks and as we prevent and counter those, more sophisticated ones will emerge... and the cycle continues.

Great post! Keep it up👌


Thank you!

This is one useful system for security, it is very useful for SteeMit community.
Good job @jrcornel


You are welcome ^_^

Nice post:)


Thank you!

Anyone else suspect that these could be False Flag Ops?

These viruses can probably all be found in the Vault 7 releases can't they?

It would certainly be a sweet deal, generate viruses, ransom data and then ride in to save the day with more restrictions and fewer freedoms.

Any money they can actually collect, well, that's just the Christmas Party Fund.

This year they're all going to Phuket.


That certainly is an interesting theory, and I guess anything is possible. Although my personal opinion is that it is more just bad actors trying to profit on advancing technology while they can.

Got an email from my bank some days back informing me about being careful with my activities and ransonware was mentioned, didn't really pay much attention to it as I didn't know much about it. Now am enlightened!..thanks for sharing


If you don't mind me asking, what part of the globe are you in?



Talking about giving Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general a bad reputation, this is one is a good example.

I hope these ransomware attacks just vanish because they really are the worst type of attacks imho. For people in 3rd world countries $500 is a months salary.. :(


Yep, although I am not sure it really gives them that bad of a name. I am more in the camp of, "any publicity is good publicity" at this point. But, like you said it is sad never the less.

I know it's not the case but if they truly need the money showing a message similar to what Wikipedia does once a while asking for donations would be more than enough.


I am sure they have tried that as well. I am sure they "earn" much more this way.

Nope. Update or get a virus. All you can do is hope nothing to valuable was lost.
Use an operating system that is more resistant to these types of attacks. Keep your system up to date.

Bah, these guys are giving a bad name to crypto :(


I think any press is good press at this point. Hey, it worked for Trump!

keep up the good work!


Thank you!

Well, this round it isnt gona be cheap, $ 500,- (in BTC) is a lot indeed!


Yes it is.

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Thank you for the information!


You got it!



Thank you!

interesting post congratulations @jrcornel I hope you can go through my blog and observe my publications that it is about the current situation that my Venezuelan country lives

nice....your post deserve my upvote and resteem....

There are good ways of earning crypto and bad ways. Scamming, hacking and ransomware is the scummiest way possible.

I was under the impression that the vast majority of people who "pay up" do receive decryption keys. If they did not, it would annihilate the income stream of the hackers. If paying does not decrypt your data, then ultimately no one will pay... That makes their 'business model' completely pointless.

What can the authorities do about encrypted files? Absolutely nothing. It's airtight mathematics right now, unless your community police center has a quantum computer.

wow there is some very good info on this page and very well written. I think the only way to combat ransom is to not communicate with them at all. Hopefully updates to crypto software will help eliminate ransom. I am following upvote and resteeming this!

Great write up!!

There's no escape. We can be robbed anywhere, whether we're inside or outside our homes.

I just hope these attacks stop! Cant imagine having to deal with these new issues! :(

Im sorry... but I simply have nothing worth stealing.

good post
upvoted followed

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My favorite so far was the Monero mining malware which actually patched victims' computers protecting them from future wannacry-like attacks! :D

In the majority of ransomware cases the data is never returned to the victims, even when the ransom is paid.

If you have a source for that, I'd like to read it. I suspect this is pure speculation. From what I've read, anecdotally, paying the ransom usually does result in the data being recovered, because the attackers want to encourage others to pay. Obviously there are plenty of examples both ways and nobody seems to have any real statistics.

The best thing that can be done is contact your local authorities and let them advise you on the best steps to take next.

If you contacted the FBI, they would have advised you to pay the ransom (at least back in 2015). Even if they don't say that, they really can't help you recover your data in any other way, even if they wanted to (which they don't, because it's not their job at all).

It is kinda scary how one little virus can ruin someone's life. I mean in todays age pretty much everything is on the computer, and now with this Cryptocurrencies there is much more on stake.

We are in an age where we will see an up rise in cyber crimes,attacks, and hacks. It is becoming a very controversial subject and growing out of control.