Could the arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (the richest Arab in the world) be good news for cryptocurrencies?

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If you haven't heard, the latest news out of the Middle East is quite shocking.

Saudi Arabia has arrested many senior princes and senior officials in a broad sweeping move that is said to target corruption.

One of those arrested is none other than Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who just so happens to be the richest Arab on the planet.

You may recall hearing that name recently as he has been rather critical of bitcoin in the national news, saying it would soon collapse in an Enron-like manner.

Why the arrests?

The public reasons for the arrests, ordered by King Salman, were said to be about cleaning up the corruption that has run rampant in the region.

However, many are speculating that the arrests are more of a power move by the King.

It's possible he is clearing the path for his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to take over as King.

This seems all the more likely especially when you factor in that there was no official charges made against any of those arrested, at least not publicly.

Why is this potentially good news for cryptocurrencies?

Over the years, any geopolitical issues has resulted in people flocking to safe haven assets, specifically gold and precious metals.

However, with bitcoin being viewed as digital gold by many investors, there is the possibility that in times of turmoil, bitcoin and some of the other coins may find much stronger demand than they do in times of bliss.

Bitcoin seems to be particularly attractive vs gold because it is easier to store, it can transcend borders, and it is decentralized.

All things someone might want in times of uncertainty.

The price of bitcoin seems to be mirroring those thoughts again as it recently hit a new high just over $7600 per coin, seeing a spike in prices basically since the news in the Middle East dropped.

This type of uncertainty is particularly significant.

For years, the Middle East has been strategically important.

They have vast oil reserves and many of their citizens have tremendous wealth.

If several of these rich sheikhs in the Middle East decide that moving some of their wealth to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies makes sense given the uncertain political environment, prices could quickly reach new all time highs.

It seems everywhere we look, one factor or another is pushing money into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The hope is that at some point that starts to trickle down into steem, which has been mostly stagnant for the last several months despite bitcoin making new high after new high.

Stay informed my friends.


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Anyone against bitcoin need to be arrested.. This is good news.

i was surprised they arrested talal... bitcoin continues its march!

I agree with your sentiment! As a matter of fact, cryptocurrencies are way more secure option and probably all round better investment for anyone intending to hide away some funds!

God Speed Brethren.

I didn't know anything about these arrests. But without doubt it is fantastic news. For many reasons, but the most important for the crypto may be the "fear" that will cause in those circles of extreme wealth. What will cause the flight of wealth to different safe havens among them crypto.

Hmm, It might be a good news for bitcoin. It might also be bad news. No one knows, he's criticizing today, but he might not do so tomorrow...

Its very nice to hear, if what you have mentioned as potentially good news for cryptocurrencies would be true.👌

This corrupt fool has a huge stake in Citibank, so would obviously be against cyrptoconcurrency.

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I think we will soon see a huge spike in price because of Saudi Arabia. I bet in 7 years, the Saudi government will hold more BTC than anyone on earth, at around 100K coins.

thanks for this post....and share to know us

I was shocked after reading that news of the arrests and still can't believe the move.
This might move people into crypto as you say,coz here in crypto you bitcoins are safe and no one can know the number you have unless you tell them.

If several of these rich sheikhs in the Middle East decide that moving some of their wealth to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies makes sense given the uncertain political environment, prices could quickly reach new all time highs.
If several of these rich sheikhs in the Middle East decide that moving some of their wealth to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies makes sense given the uncertain political environment, prices could quickly reach new all time highs.

It's a wonderful picture

Nice coordination between actual events..Thanks for this great post.

Thanks for this post is seems helpful and with your news Bitcoin reading at all time high

Interesting perspective but I can definitely see your point. I do think that bitcoin can be a safe haven in the future too.

Does the prince have an influence and make a crypto investment? this is interesting news @jrcornel

it is bad karma to criticize Bitcoin

Great Post & Info!
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

Wonderful story dear @jrcornel

As much as I like steem, I just don’t think people will move their fiat into steem anytime soon. Regular folk would have only heard of BTC

i don't think so, he has some negative statements about bitcoin

Now it's time to arrest the big fraudster, Jamie Dimon. Going against cryptos brings bad karma!

The news about bitcoin in the media seems to gaining a lot of momentum... it's feeling like 2018 could be the "mainstream breakout" for it at last. It really is a global phenomenon.

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what a article....!

Good post If you haven't heard, the latest news out of the Middle East is quite shocking.

very good