Simon Dixon: The Fall Of The Banking System - The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies!

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In this video, @TheEconomicTruth and I talk with Simon Dixon of Bnk To The Future about the monetary revolution we're witnessing before our eyes in the cryptocurrency community.

Simon breaks down his views on ending the banking system and how individuals can replace it with decentralized blockchain alternatives. He goes into the centralized global cashless society system being pushed forward by global elites and the vast differences between that system and the decentralized cryptocurrencies we see springing up on a daily basis.

Simon also digs into the idea of bank bail outs and bail-ins as well as the abolition of depositor's insurance in a cashless society as central banks desperately attempt to raise interest rates to avoid going negative in the coming, inevitable fiat dollar crash.

Another subject that comes up is the absurdity of the division between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Simon explains why Bitcoin will win the race and how market innovation should always be an important part of the discussion.

Finally, Mr. Dixon explains how Bnk To The Future works and how it can help the crypto industry. He also warns that it's not for new investors as it's highly speculative and risky.

See the FULL interview here:

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im so excited to see our old system crash and burn ;) great interview


Thanks! Our pleasure! :)

Always love listening to Simon Dixon. Wish I was as smart and innovative as he is. Sadly I have to continue to be a wage slave JOB.

Will continue to dream about the future and how cryptocurrencies will change all our lives :).

At the time bitcoin price vary down .All steem suffering sadness

I think that in all countries of the world worry about digital currency, in Indonesia the government is trying to ban the presence of bitcoin

Banksters are trying in vain, believe me !!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with promising projects are unstoppable .. They are trying to compromise it but they can't, because it's decentralized and revolutionary. The only think they may do is imposing strict rules on centralized exchange platforms ..

Blockchain technology big heads should think of creating decentralized platforms of exchange which can never be controlled or even threatened by governments ..

Soon we will see the Bitcoin replacing the useless $$ bills valued with Gold/Silver/Oil/Dianonds...etcetra

The world is changing, believe it or not !!

Yep, the old banking system is slowly beginning to fall! Good riddance!

Another awesome episode Josh! Thank-you 🎈🎉 such a fun, exciting time to be alive. Wow! No doubt. Peace! & Love 🌸💖

Not for new investors


Wish i could be as optimistic as you guys on BTC.
Sticking with NEO and OMG there playing the game working with governments got bad feeling for coins that want to replace fiat. If Russia and China were buying BTC it would be different, but they are buying gold. Economist Mag cover looks just as much like a gold coin then it does a BTC. Going to be a interesting 2018!

I am very interesting to see this video, a very great interview I love it 😃😃