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Join the Library Credits Web Site Waiting List.

The introductory video claims there will be no censorship for videos uploaded. It will be interesting because there are obvious reasons that videos need to be censored. Some videos will be free and others users can pay with the library credits coin.

If you join using my referral URL, it bumps up my place in the waiting list and could eventually award me 2.5LBC (The library credits cryptocurrency) once you come off the waiting list and join the site.

The Library Credits website waiting list is very long. I have been on it since June 10th and would appreciate if anyone could sign up with my link so I can get in to the site earlier.


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My invite came and then expired.

I'm very interested in LBRY, as it could be a better way to host videos than Youtube, especially for people who post here on steemit.

I'll be following the LBRY project closely. I'm also keenly interested in IPFS, too.

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