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Hey Steem, my name is Jon, I'm a stock trader that is new to Steem and Cryptocurrencies. My friend told me about Steem and what it was about so out of curiosity I started this account! I just recently started trading Cryptocurrencies this week when I heard how lucrative my good friend was over a course of a short period trading coins such as Steem! Steem was the first coin I purchased because it was one that my friend often talked about and that I understood most. Since then I have been trading a few more coins using the technical analysis and strategies I have used over the past five years trading stocks, I also keep learning more about coins and how they work with my friend who got me into this every day.

  • With my Steem account I intend to bring value to Steem users by posting my analysis and trades and any information that I find useful to the world of trading and Cryptocurrencies.

For instance, yesterday I indicated to my friend that BURST was showing a technical pattern on my charts and I simply drew lines with the paint tool on a photo I took on my Poloniex of what I could otherwise see in my mind to emphasize this breakout pattern.

( I will use professional charting software to plot my drawings for future posts 100% not paint.. )
burst 1.PNG

  • BURST broke out.

burst 2.PNG

  • These were the trades made based on the recommendation.

BURST buys.png

  • BURST continued to break out to upwards of 100%

burst final.PNG

  • I will do my best to post many more trades such as this one on BURST.
  • I ensure you that I will make my new posts look fresh like these previous stock trade indications I have made in the past that Ill show you down below,

(Red arrows are Shorts or Sells, Green arrows are covering or buys for the pictures below.)

FMSA - Short
FMSA called out.PNG

FMSA - full trade
FMSA Trade Inception.PNG

  • This is another indicator that I sent everyone to Buy JNUG ETF.

JNUG - Buy

This is the photo of how all of the trades I have made on this particular move of JNUG.

  • Here is another example of an Indication I have made in the past, KSS Short.

KSS - Short (fresh entry into a short position on the right)
KSS new short.PNG

KSS ready for an after hours drop!

This is the photo of all the trades I have made on this particular move of KSS finally covering my position at $41.30.KSS short done inception.PNG

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Good trading


Hello @jontrader .. This post has been featured in STEEMINT: The STEEM Intelligence Journal Issue # 3 .. keep'em coming man!

Hey wow, thats amazing. Ill post one today !

You might wanna check out my post about trading advice

I saw that post earlier and I agree that no one can predict the future, I dont want to scam anyone. All I want is to post my analysis and information for people to read and make their own decisions on. I am brand new to trading Cryptocurrencies and brand new to Steem. as far as social media is concerned I use it primarily for communicating trades..

Still, you make yourself and others vulnerable. Trading is just luck

I would have to disagree, there is strategy involved. Trading stocks has been my primary income for over two years now. I'm new to cryptocurrency speculation this week as it is a new hobby of mine, I'm exploring the different coins and exchanges available. Thats how I came across Steem.

Welcome to Steemit Jon. Stephen

Thanks I appreciate it!

Welcome to steemit and the blockchain!

Thanks so much! From what I see this is very cool, everyone should be on this !

Upvoted! - welcome to steemit and also thanks for sharing your experience with steemit coins..

Hey thanks! Yeah I love the whole idea of it! Ill definitely post any ideas or abstract things I find regarding STEEM!

Nice one buddy, great first post!!! 🙂

Nice to see more traders on here, I can tell from the way you've written this article you know what you're talking about. I've been trading mainly spreads the last 6 years - but also a little crypto here and there.

Welcome to the wild west :P Certainly alot more edge here :)

Join the 'Trading' channel on, would be good to shoot a few ideas around


Haha ! yes thanks, so is a room on steem ?

Go to the top right and click the three lines menu bar, then scroll down and click steemit chat. Open up an account with the same name you have here.

Bada bing, you have access to the live chat :)

Nice, welcome, let those trading tips come :-)

Welcome. I am a futures and option trader as well as some forex and can tell you you are going to love cryptos as they trade very technical to the charts and fibs. Love to hear more and so am following you.

Amazing, look forward to trading with you !