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Hello guys its your boy jonesteemit i have been thinking about opening an crypto exchanger for you guys who in live in pakistan , this is not a joke its a trustworthy movement that i am starting for you guys which can make everything easy for you.
How will you buy bitcoins and any other currencies from me and you can sell them to me by sending them here to me.
So what will be the procedure for the buying and selling of any bitcoins or any other currencies. This is not a spam i will give you all of my details in the bottom of the post so better get ready for it ,
•All you have to do it call me on this 03165399245 and tell me if you want to buy or sell i would look up for the rates for the day and the selling price of bitcoin is 120 i will sell you them on that rate
•how will you get the money you can get them into your bank account or easypaisa account and any other method which can be useful.
•how will you buy the coins all you have to do is tell me you wanna buy this much i will give you a bank account and you can transfer all of your money to that
•for selling i will give you a bitcoin address you can send me the screenshot and if its completed i will get right back to you with it.
This is a trustworthy movement
My details ahmad khan
Phone number 03165399245
Email [email protected]images.png

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A lot of great advice. And the price of Pakistani Bitcoin is needed. How much today's bit coins

One bitcoin rate is on 117 dollars and whic will equal to 1071000


Da Da kala na ? xD 6 bya mung la hum exchange k hhhh